Nudibranch Safari 2013

The Nudibranch Safari is more popular than ever, and we're pleased to announce TWO safari weekends in March 2013. Join our world famous speakers for a fun-packed weekend!

Posted on Jan 27, 2012
The Nudibranch Safaris will take place at Gulen Dive Resort north of Bergen on the Norwegian west coast at the following dates:

      • Nudibranch Safari 1: March 08-11, 2013   ONE SPOT OPEN!
        Fri-Mon, with Alex Mustard, Bernard Picton, Christian Skauge

      • Nudibranch Safari 2: March 14-17, 2013   THREE SPOTS OPEN!
        Thu-Sun, with Bernard Picton, Jussi Evertsen, Torkild Bakken, Christian Skauge

The workshop programs will start on day two on both safaris - day one is arriving day and day four is going-home day. You can arrive early and leave late, so diving is possible on both days depending on your travel arrangements.

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The Nudibranch Safari includes unlimited house reef diving (air included), lectures, workshop and three nights in shared twin rooms. Self-catering (food not included), bedsheets must be brought or rented. Hottub is available, and the pub is open Fri/Sat.      Price: NOK 4.390,-

World famous speakers

The Nudibranch Safari will be hosted by top international experts who will be on site to share their vast knowledge with the participants:


The line-up of speakers on the two Nudibranch Safaris at Gulen Dive Resort in March 2013 is impressive, to say the least: Dr. Alex Mustard, Dr. Bernard Picton, Dr. Jussi Evertsen and Dr. Torkild Bakken.

World famous underwater photographer and marine biologist Dr. Alex Mustard is joined by Dr. Bernard Picton (author of A Field Guide to the Nudibranchs of the British Isles) for the first weekend, which will have more emphasis on photographing nudibranchs.

Dr. Picton is then joined by Norwegian scientists and marine biologists Dr. Jussi Evertsen and Dr. Torkild Bakken for the second weekend, where we no doubt will dwelve deeper into the biology of the nudibranchs - a true nudi nerd weekend :-)

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We make new and exciting finds every year, like this extremely rare Berghia norvegica that turned up in relatively large numbers in 2012. It had never been seen anywhere since the original discovery in 1937!

Lots of nudibranch fun

As always, the safari dives will be done on the spectacular house reef of Gulen Dive Resort, giving us as much time as possible both in the water and for the workshop and lectures.

So far we have found and identified a staggering 54 different species of nudibranchs on the house reef, and every year we find something new and exciting. The marine biologists will be at hand to assist in identifying what we find and update the species list.

Extensive nudibranch litterature will be available, as well as stereoscopes (second safari only) and other equipment for collection, closer study and identification.

Participants will recieve a more detailed program after booking. Please note that this is drysuit diving because of the water temperatures (suits can be rented).

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These are just a few of the species you can expect to see at the Nudibranch Safari. Join us now!

Opportunities in between

If you want even more nudibranch fun you can extend your stay with up to two days in between safaris, either after the first safari or before the second.

There is no program planned for the in-between-days, but the RIB can be booked for some rusty wreck action if you want to see more than just nudibranchs (not included in the safari, must be paid separately).

Please get in touch with Gulen Dive Resort for pricing and availability on extensions and pickup/return to Bergen airport (price depending on number of guests).


So far, 54 nudibranch species has been found and identified at the house reef at Gulen Dive Resort. We find new species every year, and you could be the lucky discoverer of a species never before found in Norway!

Always something new and exciting

Norwegian waters are home to around one hundred nudibranch species. About a third of these live in deep water, which means we have found around 80% of all the species at diveable depth!

Even so, something new and exciting turns up every year - for instance five species never before officially recorded in Norway.

This is nothing short of a scientific sensation, and YOU could be the one finding a new species! Don't miss this excellent opportunity to experience the plethora of nudibranchs found at Gulen, up close and personal.

» Click here to read the report from the Nudibranch Safari in March 2012


Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions or want to know more about the Nudibranch Safari, how to get to Gulen Dive Resort or want to book your stay.

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If you're flying in from abroad, Bergen is the nearest airport to Gulen. They have direct flights from several European cities or via Oslo. The airline Norwegian might be a good choice - they are cheap and offer good luggage space. By car, you'll find routes here.

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The Nudibranch Safari in March, 2012 was sold out in just a few weeks, so booking early is a good idea. We can promise you a fun and exciting weekend - come join us!

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