Periphylla periphylla

Periphylla periphylla

On this page I have put together links to all the Periphylla information on Scubapixel. After several years of Periphylla Safaris we have accumulated quite a bit... Have a look, and please get in touch if you have questions.

Posted on Jan 16, 2013 - updated Sep 29, 2017

Please be advised that prices and general outline of the Periphylla Safari has changed a bit over the years. You should therefore look at the most current safari for updated information.

      • Periphylla Safari 2018
      • Periphylla Safari 2017
      • Periphylla Safari 2016
      • Periphylla Safari 2015
      • Periphylla Safari 2014
      • Periphylla Safari 2013
      • Report: Periphylla Safari 2013
      • Periphylla Safari 2012

You may also want to check out this link for more info on how to get to Gulen Dive Resort where the Periphylla Safari is held - travel info, diving requirements and other stuff:

» Click here to read the Periphylla Safari FAQs

Unique photo opportunity

Joining the Periphylla Safari gives you a great chance of getting some unique underwater shots, of an animal most divers haven't even seen.

Photographing the Periphylla periphylla can be challenging, but you will get some pretty unique images!

Although it can be tricky to shoot in almost pitch black water in the middle of the night, the jellyfish are usually cooperative and certainly not timid.

» Click here to browse images of Periphylla periphylla

If you know any previous Periphylla Safari participants, I'm sure they have lots of images too!

Periphylla videos

The Periphylla jellyfish is not just a unique photo subject, it also makes great videos. In this first clip, Dag Leslie Hansen of Stavern Underwater Explorers has captured a great impression of what the Periphylla Safari weekend is like, diving both spectacular wrecks and with the Periphylla:

Belgian periphylla diver Laurent Miroult's video shows what it's like to dive with this mysterious and almost spooky deep-sea jellyfish:

Periphylla articles

I have had articles about the Periphylla in several magazines, some of which are available online. Please use the links to read more:

IV Digital, Russia, June 2012, 10 pages + cover
A report from the Periphylla Safari which took place at Gulen Dive Resort on the Norwegian west coast in January 2012. The story is written by Nadia Titova and illustrated with my images.

X-Ray Mag, October 2011, 10 pages
About the mysterious deep-sea jellyfish Periphylla periphylla, which is sensitive to sunlight yet is itself bioluminescent. A truly remarkable diving experience! The english version is 1.956 words, almost 40 images.

Magazýn Nurkowanie, June 2009, 1 page
A short story about the deep-sea jellyfish Periphylla periphylla, which can be encountered at diveable depths in a Norwegian fjord during mating season in mid-winter. 500 words, 40+ images.

The Periphylla Safari also was featured on the website of the German dive magazine Unterwasser in 2009.

One of my Periphylla images was awarded a gold medal in the Macro Traditional category at the 4th Wetpixel & DivePhotoGuide Our World Underwater Film Festival photo competition in Chicago in 2009.

A close-up of the inside of the Periphylla jellyfish showing the mouth and sexual reproduction organs.

Get the full story!

If you're interested in running a story about the Periphylla jellyfish in your magazine, I have a print-ready 1.900 word story complete with high-quality images for sale. Please get in touch!

» Click here to read about the Alien of the Deep story

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Join the Periphylla Safari!
Join the Periphylla Safari for a one-of-a-kind diving experience - meet the Alien of the Deep face to face on a spectacular night dive!
Held at Gulen Dive Resort north of Bergen on the Norwegian west coast in January every year, the Periphylla Safari attracts divers from all over Europe.
We also visit some of the greatest wrecks found in the North Atlantic on this event, where visibility often approaches 40 meters!
» Read more about the Periphylla Safari

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