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Posted on Jan 1, 2005

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Gold, Silver and Bronze in the Nordic...

The results from the Nordic Championship in Underwater Photography are out. I was awarded an uplifting overall bronze medal. The annual competition is...

More images shortlisted at...

Two more of my images have been shortlisted for the annual awards at The annual underwater photo competition is drawing to...

Shortlisted at

Photo website is under way shortlisting images for their annual awards. My picture of a Polycera quadrilineata nudibranch...

Artificial Reef on National TV News

In Oslo, a big seafront development project sets a new standard in environmental consciousness by creating a large, artificial reef on the seabed. See the first images of it here!

European Wildlife Photographer of the Year

My "Krazy Krab" image from Cape Verde won the Unterwater World category in the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, held by the Society of German Nature Photographers.

Top result in Unterwasser Visions

In October 2009, Unterwasser Visions photo competition asked for miniature creatures, and my little coral hermit played the part wonderfully.By Christian Skauge   Published: Nov 2, 2009Shot...

VideoRay at the Monthly Hotshots just published their Monthly Hotshots for October 2009, and my image of a VideoRay micro-ROV shot in a pool in Florida made it among the selected images.

Commended image in Shark competition

UK shark charity Shark Trust has just announced the winners of their Sharks in Focus 2009 photo competition at the...

Bronze in the Norwegian Championships

With 3 of 5 images in the top three we managed an overall bronze medal in the Norwegian Championships this weekend. The championship was held at...

Runner-up at DivePhotoGuide

The inaugural monthly underwater photo competition at top photo site DivePhotoGuide drew more than 400 images - and my image of a sea angel came in third!

Spacediving at ESA in Cologne

Spacediving at ESA in Cologne, Germany Recently, I visited the European Space Admini- stration's Neutral Buoyancy Facility in Cologne, Germany. ...

Pro Gallery at DivePhotoGuide

Pro Gallery at DivePhotoGuide Top underwater photography site DivePhotoGuide has invited me to post a gallery in their Pro section. How could I say no? ...

Flooded Forest runs in Poland

  The Polish dive magazine, Nurkowanie, are running my Flooded Forest story in their August issue. The images are from lake...

Monthly Hotshots

Hotshots at has once again published their Monthly Hotshots, and my nut crab was worthy of the honour. ...

Second place at Wetpixel #290

The theme for Wetpixel's Picture of the Week competition #290 was RED, and once again a Periphylla periphylla did well and was awarded second place. The image was shot during a trip...

Periphylla article in Nurkowanie

Periphylla article in Nurkowanie, Poland The Polish dive magazine, Nurkowanie, have printed a small article featuring my Periphylla (crown jelly) images in their June issue. ...

Cover of new CMAS *** book

The Norwegian Diving Federation has just finished their new CMAS course material, and chose one of my images for the cover of the three star course book.By Christian Skauge   Published: Jul...

On the cover of Sport Diver

Finally, my first magazine cover abroad! Sport Diver UK, the official PADI magazine, used my image of a diver with an octopus shot at Secca Gonzatti outside Portofino in Italy.Posted on Jul 6, 2009 by...

Victory in Unterwasser Visions

The Krazy Krab was just what the jury was looking for last month in the Unterwasser Visions competition.The Krazy Krab was photographed at the island of Sal, Cape Verde, on a trip with Cabo Verde...

Top Foto at PAF Tachov Festival

  The PAF Tachov International Divers Festival in the Czech Republic was recently held for the 31st time. My portfolio from across the world went all the way to the top. A...

Third at Wetpixel

The theme for Wetpixel's Picture of the Week competition #283 was macro, and my image came in third among the 88 contestants from all over the world.  

First place at Wetpixel

The theme for Wetpixel's Picture of the Week competition #277 was nudibranchs, and the sea hare Aplysia punctata above was awarded first place in the competition.The Linacia clavigera is one of the most...

Second spot at Wetpixel #272

The theme for Wetpixel's Picture of the Week competition #272 was commensialism, and my whip coral shrimp made it almost to the top and was awarded a second place.

Gold medal in 4th Wetpixel competition

The results from the 4th Annual Wetpixel & DivePhotoGuide Competition has been made public at the Our World Underwater Film Festival in Chicago, and I got some very good news from the organizers.

VIPS 2009 Invitation

The micro-ROV company VideoRay used my image of dive buddy Lasse Iversen diving with the microbot for their world-wide invitation to the annual VIPS convention in Florida.

Third in Unterwasser Visions

The theme in the Unterwasser Visions photo competition for january was Eat and get eaten, and my picture of a starfish chasing a blue-rayed limpet claimed third place.By Christian...

Third in Unterwasser Visions in October 2008

The Unterwasser Visions photo competition still goes on every month, without me taking active part most of this year. By Christian Skauge   Published: Nov 4, 2008In october the theme was...

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