Periphylla - Alien of the Deep

The Periphylla periphylla, or Crown jelly, is a deep-water species normally found at 700-3000 meters of depth. Once a year in certain Norwegian fjords, they venture to the surface at night to breed.

Posted on Aug 8, 2009

At the annual Periphylla Safari it is possible for divers to encounter this alien-looking animal, which may reach up to a meter in diameter including the tentacles. Diving with these creatures is a truly awe-inspiring experience, unlike anything else above or below the surface.

The Periphylla dives takes place in water 300 meters deep, in the middle of the night, in the middle of the winter. It is not for the faint hearted! Good buoyancy control is a must, for obvious reasons.

If the tides, currents, moon and time all coincide, one can be lucky enough to encounter hundreds of them on one single dive - a once-in-a-liftetime experience for divers and underwater photographers.

The Periphylla jellyfish has an interesting biology and show relatively advanced behavior for a creature made up of 95% water.

Fascinating biology and behavior

The Periphylla jellyfish is believed to be over 500 million years old. It has a fascinating biology, in many cases very unlike other jellyfish: They live to be 30 years old, have sexed reproduction and highly advanced sensory capabilities.

They glow in the dark - yet they're light sensitive and will be killed by sunlight. They can even spit fluorescent slime! Periphylla jellyfish have four eyes, but nor brain. No heart or internal organs either, for that matter.

Yet they are able to live a complex life and interact with other jellyfish. How is this all possible? You're readers will probably be intrigued too!

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I have written a 2.200 word educational and entertaining article about this stunning (pardon the pun!) creature, which together with the uniqe images it will captivate your readers.

The ScubaPixel database contains 50+ images related to Periphylla diving with this alien-looking creature.

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Do you love nudibranchs and want to learn more about them? Then the Nudibranch Safari is just what you've been looking for! Join the nudibranch experts at Gulen Dive Resort in Norway.
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