More wreck images added to the database

Following publication of some articles in the Norwegian dive magazine Dykking, I have been able to add some more wreck images to the database.

The new additions include images of the wrecks V-1605 "Mosel", KNM "Kjell" and S/S "Savonmaa", all located in Norway.

More images of each wreck can be found by searching for the wreck name in the image search field on the top left side, or by clicking the 'Wrecks' menu above.

New! You may also click on the name of the wreck in the slides below to see all images of that wreck.

Here are some teasers (read more about the wrecks blow the images):
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The wrecks of "Kjell" and "Savonmaa" are both located outside Tregde on the very southern tip of Norway, and was done on a trip to Skagerrak Feriesenter.

V-1605 "Mosel" lies a bit further north, close to Lillesand, and can be reached with the assistance of Nortech Diving in Kristiansand.

About the wrecks:

KNM "Kjell" was a Norwegian torpedo boat seized by the german forces in 1940, and sunk in an airraid 28. September 1944. The wreck lies in 40+ meters on a light sandy bottom, offering a fantastic dive and many details to be savoured by the wreck enthusiast.

The finnish freighter S/S "Savonmaa" was underway from Helsinki to Manchester with a cargo of paper when she on the 20. January 1937 was surprised by a storm and grounded on the Norwegian coast. 25 people perished, and a monument has been raised on the skerries where Savonmaa was lost.

The wreck is largely in pieces, but the bow section is strangely enough intact. The paper cargo is still to be seen among the wreckage at 18 to 25 meters depth.

V-1650 "Mosel" was originally a german trawler, but was converted to a warship in 1939 and sent to Norway. On the 15. October 1944 she was protecting a small convoy when attacked and sunk by british airplanes in a terrible blaze. 21 people aboard "Mosel" perished in the sinking.

The wreck was found as late as 2001 at a depth of 50 meters, and is recognized as one of the best wreck dives in Norway.

If you wish to see all my wreck images presented at once in a gallery, please click below.

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