Report from Nordic Photo Event 2010

In September, UW photographers from all over Scandinavia converged on Gulen Dive Resort for five days of serious photo fun. The Nordic Photo Event 2010 with Alex Mustard was a great success - viking style!

Some of the images I shot during the Nordic Photo Event 2010 at Gulen Dive Resort. The participants shot an impressive array of great images, and I think everyone showed progress during the worshop.

By Christian Skauge   Published: Sep 28, 2010

On Tuesday September 21 all 15 participants at the NPE 2010 arrived at Gulen Dive Resort, ready and eager to learn more about underwater photography.

The workshop got kickstarted on wednesday morning with dives at the Fernedale and Parat twin wrecks, before Alex Mustard held the first of his series of talks on strobes and lighting.

The afternoon boat dive went to Stingray City, before diving the fantastic house reef at Gulen and sitting in for the second of the talks.

With that the pace was set for the rest of the workshop, which commenced with two boat dives to different destinations every day, talks in between and after - and lots of macro house reef diving.

Lots to see - and photograph

The famous camouflage shrimp from last year was unfortunately gone, but several attractions were turned up by persistent workshoppers.

We found funny gobies, cute clingfish, many small squid and several species of nudibranchs - and all were photographed at the house reef.

Decoland & The Red Light District

The deeper part of the Gulen house reef was named "Decoland" during the week, so I think you all understand what was going on...

The shallower part was dubbed "The Red Light District" because of the extensive use of the red light on the new Light&Motion Sola 600 LED focus/video light when searching for squid!

On the nearby Troll Wall a beautiful lumpsucker was the star, guarding his yellow mass of eggs from hungry wrasse and triggerhappy photographers.

The last couple days strong wind limited out choice of divespots. Although we missed a couple wreck dives, I think the weather actually helped making the workshop a lot better.

Instead of doing a bunch of standard wreck shots loads of different and very interesting wide angle pictures were shot at the house reef, and I think everyone benefited greatly from this.

Photo Event with a viking flavour

We had some great sunny days toward the end of the workshop, and found time to dress up in viking costumes for the picture above.

The fun team photo has already recieved lots of comments on Alex's Facebook page, and was also posted on top underwater photography website Wetpixel.

The costumes were "leftovers" from resort owners Monica and Ørjan's viking style wedding the weekend before - congratulations! I was invited to photograph the wedding, and some of the pictures can be seen on Monica's Facebook page.

I gave my combined house reef briefing and macro talk on Thursday, and although people was already starting to feel the effects of the high pace of the workshop everyone managed to stay awake and look interested.

I hope I was able to convey some ideas on shooting great macro images, and also give people an impression of what critters can be found on the house reef.

At least several photographers disovered the benefits of teleconverters, and my Kenko 1.4x was constantly on loan to someone. Kenko rules!

World Champion visit

Friday night current CMAS World Champion Espen Rekdal arrived to share his views and ideas with us, and Saturday he presented a slideshow with stunning images from the Norwegian west coast - a great inspiration for all of us.

I hope - and think - that everyone was really satisfied with this years Photo Event, and I'd like to thank each and everyone for coming. I hope to see as many as possible of you again next year!

The Nordic Photo Event was organized by Lars Kirkegaard from Fotografit, in cooperation with Gulen Dive Resort. Speakers included Alex Mustard, Christian Skauge and Espen Rekdal.

Stay tuned - I will be posting some of my images from the workshop as soon as they are through post-processing!

» See images: Nordic Photo Event 2010

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