Gladiators of the Sea

Crustaceans are a strange breed of animals. They are closely related to insects, and their extreme diversity in terms of behaviour, size and appearance always attract the attention of divers.

Posted on Feb 16, 2012

Between the smallest planktonic copepods and the giant red Camtchatka crab with a "wingspan" of up to five feet is a whole universe of strange creatures.

Clad in armour, with spiky protrusions and menacing claws, these gladiators of the seas are both intriguing and mysterious.

Crustaceans display a wide variety of sizes, colours, bodyshapes and different behaviour. This 2.100 word story is not only a feast for they eye, but also share interesting facts about crustacean behaviour.

To grow, crustaceans have to shed their external skeleton, and mating can only take place when this occurs.

Their compound eyes allow them to see a composite image of their surroundings, and some species have taste buds on their feet to make it easier to find food.

As the night draws its blanket of darkness over the oceans, these strange creatures begin their march towards domination...

Crustaceans come in all sizes. This little nut crab didn't measure more than 10mm across the carapace, and was found hiding inside an empty sea shell.

The largest animal group in the sea

There are more than 50.000 described species of crustaceans in the world's oceans, and divers see a plethora of these armoured gladiators on their ventures below the surface.

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Did you know that many crustaceans rely on anemones for protection? Others prefer to change colour or camouflage themselves, often so well that you never know they are there.

These and others facts are covered in this interesting and educational story - let your readers aquaint themselves with some of the species they are likely to encounter!

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This 2.100 word story gives your readers a glimpse into the weird and wonderful world of the crustaceans. A large number of high-quality images makes this a feast for the eyes as well as the mind.

The Scubapixel database currently countains 170+ images of crustaceans from around the world.

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