Third place at Wetpixel #380

Last week the theme of the Wetpixel Picture of the Week competition was "Clingfish", and my image was voted into third place.

The male guards the eggs, which are deposited inside an empty seashell. The more eggs he has, the more females will be attracted to him - and more batches will be laid inside the same shell.

By Christian Skauge   Published: May 2, 2011

The image shows a Diplecogaster bimaculata or two-spotted clingfish, andwas shot at the house reef of Gulen Dive Resort during the Nordic Photo Event in September 2010.

The two-spotted clingfish is not only one of the cutest fishes found in Norwegian waters, but is also a very interesting species with a quite unique behaviour.

Before mating season, which lasts from the end of May until August, the male will find a suitable shell on the bottom, and clean it properly on the inside.

He will then proceed to "dance" to attract females and persuade them to lay their eggs inside the shell.

The male then watches the eggs until they hatch, and in return for doing this job gets the opportunity to have several females deposit their eggs.

The more eggs he has, the more attractive he looks to the females - and the most successful males will have several batches of eggs all through the summer.

According to Fishbase, the two-spotted clingfish will reach a length of 6 centimeters, and is most often found on a depth between 18-36 meters. They prefer a course, sandy bottom and mild to strong currents.

This weeks competition attracted no more than 20 participants, probably because of the Easter holidays.

Congratulations to Marcio Lisa for winning the competition with a stunning picture of a clingfish sitting on the tip of a featherstar arm.

Here are the top three images:

Wetpixel Picture of the Week contest is open to anyone registered at the website, which is free. Every week there is a new challenge - you should try it too!

Please click below to see all the images at Wetpixel, or more clingfish images:


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