Team victory and 6th place in Visions

Team Norway won the Unterwasser Visions photo contest for April 2011 ahead of Team Germany. We scored three in the Top 10, and my nudibranch image was voted into 6th place by the jury.

Posted on May 2, 2011

In a great team effort with three out of four images placing in the top 10, Team Norway won the team competition and moved one spot up on the leaderboard.

Germany still leads the competition with 123 points, ahead of the Swiss and Spanish teams - with Team Norway trailing by just a couple points.

With an overall score of 102 points we are now just two and three points behind Spain and Switzerland respectively.

This image of a Flabellina lineata laying eggs was voted into 6th place in Unterwasser Visions in April 2011, and contributed to a good team result.

5th, 6th and 8th place

Lasse Iversen made it into 5th place with a beautiful image of three amphipods sitting on a small jellyfish, while Lill Haugen finished just behind me in 8th place with two sea hares doing "the wild thing".

My egglaying Flabellina nudibranch was voted into 6th place, which earned me enough points to rise into 7th place in the individual standings - two spots up from last month.

The jury wrote the following about my image (translated from German):

Graphically very interesting, even though the subject is a classic one. The combination is photographed with style and an elegant composition".

Team Norway 2011 consists of Thorbjørn Rusnes, Lasse Iversen, team captain Lill Haugen and myself. Please click on their names to visit their respective homepages.

Please visit the Unterwasser website to see the winning images and read more about the competition - click below.

» Click here to read more at the Unterwasser website

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