Visit Nauticam at DEMA Show

Photo: Lasse Iversen,

If you are going to visit the DEMA Show in Orlando this November, make sure not to miss the Nauticam booth or the interesting presentations by Alex Mustard, Nagaaki Sato and Chris Parsons.

By Christian Skauge   Published: Oct 28, 2011

Not only will they be showcasing their latest products at booth #556 - you can also hear the story of a housing that survived a tsunami.

We recieved the following press release from the Hong Kong-based underwater housing manufacturer:

Nauticam, the worldwide innovation leader in underwater photographic equipment, is showcasing its latest gear for underwater photographers at the 2011 Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association (DEMA) trade show in Orlando Florida, November 2nd – 5th, 2011.

Nauticam will have its complete lineup on display, including the recently announced GF3 and NEX-5N housings and the Nauticam 45º viewfinder.

Three major new products will make their debut on the show, and several new accessory parts will be shown for the first time - including a flip-up diopter holder and cold-shoe mount.

Innovative market leader

Since the 2010 DEMA show, Nauticam has demonstrated its market leading design and engineering prowess by releasing 11 new camera housings including 4 new Nikon and Canon SLRs and over 50 new ports and housing accessories.

Nauticam has also released solutions for both micro 4/3 systems and Sony NEX systems, and the most functional light and accessory mounting solution on the market.

Also on display will be a very special Nauticam D700 housing, owned by Mr. Nagaaki Sato, that was recovered from the wreckage of the March 2011 Eastern Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster. Thousands of people were lost in the town, and Mr. Sato’s dive shop was completely destroyed.

NOV 2, 11:00 AM: Extra-Curricular Activities with Compact Underwater Cameras

How to put some of today's compact cameras to use as pole cams, sail cams, shark cams, bait cams, reef cams, keel cams and other creative uses. Presented by: Chris Parsons.

NOV 2, 4:00 PM: Before and After the Japan Tsunami

The recent tsunami in Shizugawa, Japan captured the hearts and minds of the US public. Underwater photographer Nagaaki Sato owned the only dive shop in town which was washed away in the devastation.

His amazing underwater images share the untold story of marine life before and after such a catastrophic event. Witness the Shizugawa through the eyes of an underwater photographer! Presented by: Nagaaki Sato.

NOV 4, 11:00 AM: Understanding Dome Ports Without The Theory

A talk on dome ports - without the equations and jargon. Why different domes are needed for different shots, and why all domes have different strengths. Warning: This talk may make you buy another dome! Presented by: Alex Mustard.

To learn more about Nauticam's excellent products for underwater photography, please visit their website.

The Norwegian dealer for Nauticam products is Aquaphoto. Please visit their website if you're interested in learning more about what they can offer.

Telephone: +47 94 83 32 83
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Christian Skauge
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