Images in MIC Marine brochure

Among other products for the fish farming industry, Seafarm Systems produces the MIC Marine vacuum cleaning system. They have used my underwater images in their new brochure and on their website.

Please click on the image to view the new MIC Marine brochure - or download the PDF at the bottom of the page.

By Christian Skauge   Published: Aug 16, 2011

MIC Marine is a revolutionary vacuum cleaning system used to cleaning and removing growth from fish farming pens. The approx. 300 kg ROV has both suction and steaming capabilities, and will clean large nets in a matter of hours.

Less growth means better flow of water and thus more oxygen, resulting in healthier and faster growing salmon.

To be able to sell their ROV system Seafarm Systems needed to make new marketing material for tradeshows and general interest, and I helped them out with the underwater imagery.

Stills and video

The photoshoot took place in a fish farming facility south of Bergen on the Norwegian west coast in July 2011, and the results could be seen on print just weeks later - just in time for the Aqua Nor international tradeshow.

For the brochure good stills was all that was needed, but for the tradeshow stand and website a video was also being produced.

I shot the underwater scenes in the video on behalf of the production company, and the results can be seen here:

Swimming with thousands of 1/2 kilo salmon inside the pen was a very cool experience, totally different from anything I have ever experienced.

Still, the most exiting stuff actually happened outside the pen - here, schools of different fish was congregating because of the feeding opportunities.

Deep below the pen, at 30+ meters, hundreds of large pollock and cod slowly circled, and just below the surface mackerel and colins competed for food in the current.

Images from the photoshoot and the Aqua Nor tradeshow:


ROV field day

The same day I was shooting the MIC Marine ROV, I also demonstrated the VideoRay Pro 4 for Seafarm Systems.

The two systems worked really well together, each showing their strong sides - and the little VideoRay proved an excellent companion for the larger MIC system in terms of overview and flexibility.

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Please click below to download the new Seafarm Systems brochure in PDF format.

» Download: MIC Marine brochure

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