Team bronze in Visions 2011

Team Norway placed second in the last Unterwasser Visions contest of the year, and was awarded an overall bronze medal after the points for 2011 were added up.

Lill Haugen's beautiful winning image in the November contest - two Clione limacina nudibranchs mating. Photo: Lill Haugen

The Unterwasser Visions contest has been running online since 2005, and attracts images from underwater photographers across Europe.

By Christian Skauge   Published: Dec 3, 2011

Lill Haugen won the last Unterwasser Visions contest of 2011 with her fabulous picture of two sea angels mating.

Her image was spot on both in terms of the topic which was "The Perfect Moment" - and even presented perfect colours for time of year, the jury wrote.

My own image (above) was in terms of biology quite similar, and showed a close-up of two Facelina bostoniensis nudibranchs mating.

Maybe it got too sexy for the jury, I don't know - Lill's image was the only one of Team Norway's contributions to make it to the top 10 this month.

Untouchable Germany

The gold medals were convincingly taken home by the German team. With 327 points they were 28 ahead of Spain in second, with Team Norway finishing in the bronze medal position with 246 points.

Congratulations are in order!

Germany seemed like certain victors already a month ago, and even a 2nd and 3rd place and a decicive team victory in November did not help Spain to close the gap.

In a close battle for bronze, Norway's second place in November secured them the last of the medals - leaving Hungary behind in fourth.

The Unterwasser Visions 2011 contest was judged by top photographers Eckhardt Krumpholz (D), Doug Perrine (USA), Lars Brinkmann (D), Eric Cheng (USA) and David Pilosof (IL).

Here are some of my entries in Unterwasser Visions in 2011:


New team captains

The tradition in Visions is that the highest placed individual from each country will be appointed team captain for the following year. For 2012, these are:

Pedro Carrillo (ES), Thomas Heckmann (D), Lasse Iversen (NO), Csaba Tökölyi (HU), Urs Scheidegger (CH), Heinz Toperczer (A), Rudi Brocken (BE), Mona Dienhart (LU) and Janny Bosmann (NL).

I wish them all the best of luck in 2012, and I'm excited to see if new Team Norway chief Lasse Iversen will invite me to join the team next year.

Members of Team Norway 2011 was Thorbjørn Rusnes, Lasse Iversen, Christian Skauge and team captain Lill Haugen. Please visit their websites!

Please click below to read more about the competition (in German):

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