Shooting the Nudibranchs of Norway

Cumanotus beaumonti

For whatever reason, nudibranchs seem to be everyone’s favorite critter. Not just underwater photographers – all divers simply love these colorful little creatures to bits.

Posted on Aug 18, 2011

They are often associated with tropical diving and coral reefs, but even in colder water the beauty of nudibranchs spellbind divers and photographers alike. Come with us to Norway to see some of the splendor for yourself.

Norway’s vast coastline including islands spans around the globe at the equator. Along these almost countless miles of shoreline you will find some of the best cold-water diving in the world.

One of the most common species of nudibranchs in Norway, the Polycera quadrilineata is also without doubt one of the most beautiful.

The magnificent kelp forest, the breathtaking drop-offs, wild currents and strikingly beautiful seascapes are home to many different fish and invertebrate animals.

Among them you will find close to 100 species of nudibranchs. Not all are living at depths suitable for divers, some 30 species live deep in the ocean and are never seen except when hauled up in some scientist’s net or bottom-scrape.

That leaves a little over 60 species for divers to search for, be amazed by – and of course, photograph.

Not all nudibranchs are as colorful and weird-looking as this Eubranchus farrani. Although normally a little less exuberant, this species come in a wide variety of colors.

Cold business

Nudibranchs can be found all year, but most species have their peak season in the winter, especially from March until May. Unfortunately, this coincides with the coldest time of the year in the water – which is of course what they like.

For underwater photographers this means putting on loads of undergarments and more weights just to get down, but even so, nudibranch hunting is a cold business in Norway.

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Do you love nudibranchs and want to learn more about them? Then the Nudibranch Safari is just what you've been looking for! Join the nudibranch experts at Gulen Dive Resort in Norway.
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