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Posted on Jan 1, 2005

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Underwater Graphics in Dykking

Have you ever wanted to get something more out of your underwater images? In the April 2012 issue of Dykking magazine you can learn how to make stunning graphics you can hang on your living room...

2012: 15 covers and 41 stories

2012 has been a fantastic year for ScubaPixel. A total of 41 stories has been published around the world, accompanied by a staggering 15 magazine covers. And now it's time to take one step further...

Featured in the 2013 Dykking calendar

Norwegian dive magazine Dykking has just published their 2013 calendar, and to my great pleasure they have used no less than three of my images this time around - one of them is even on the cover.

In the Background in DIVE Magazine

In the December 2012 edition of DIVE Magazine you can learn more about how to make the background work for you - not against you. When done right, you can achieve some stunning results!

Read about Hitra in Sportsdykkeren

Danish divers can read more about diving at Hitra on the Norwegian west coast in the December 2012 issue of Sportsdykkeren magazine, where my story from this top destination is the main feature.

Another cover in Denmark

The December 2012 edition of Danish dive magazine Sportsdykkeren is just out, and it features yet another of my images on the cover - for the fourth time this year. I am truly honoured!

Blaafjeld in Dykking Magazine

Dykking Magazine is keeping up their Norwegian Wreck Encyclopedia series. In the October 2012 issue readers can learn more about the fate of S/S Blaafjeld, sunk by German bombers during WWII.

UW camera maintenance

How to avoid leaking and flooding? This article gives you useful tips about underwater housing maintenance and tells you what to do before, during and after the dive. As so often in life, less is...

Jan Hubert in Danish magazine

Danish magazine Sportsdykkeren is running my story about the converted German trawler M-1104 Jan Hubert in their October 2012 issue. Found as late as January 2011, the wreck is in pristine...

Flooded Forest story in Denmark

The Danish magazine Sportsdykkeren printed my story of the Flooded Forest in lake Lygnstøylsvatnet in their October 2012 issue - and put one of the images on the cover as well.

Self portrait on the cover

Apparently, there is a first time for everything: Danish magazine Sportsdykkeren features one of my self portraits on the cover of their October 2012 issue - as well as two of my stories.

Sveggvika images in Dykking

I was invited by Dykking magazine to join them on a trip to Sveggvika Dive Resort west of Kristiansund, and they used some of my images for a story about the newly opened resort.

New Lygnstøylsvatnet story in Dykking

My new story about lake Lygnstøylsvatnet is out in Dykking Magazine's October 2012 issue, with spectacular new images never before published. This summer, I found a 'new' house in the lake!

Alex Mustard to co-host Nudisafari

Renowned underwater photographer Alex Mustard and nudibranch expert Bernard Picton are among the world famous speakers at the Nudibranch Safari at Gulen Dive Resort in March 2013.

Images in Tidens Krav

On August 25, 2012, the local newspaper Tidens Krav in Kristiansund ran a story about diving at the newly opened Sveggvika PADI Dive Resort, with my underwater images.

Periphylla images in IV Digital

Russian divers are in for a treat as online magazine IV Digital is running a big story about the Periphylla periphylla jellyfish in their latest issue. Check out the images!

S/S Savonmaa in Dykking

On January 20, 1937 the Finnish steamer S/S Savonmaa was surprised by one of the fiercest storms ever recorded. Dykking Magazine runs the tragic story in their August 2012 issue.

Gulen story in China

The August 2012 issue of the Chinese dive magazine EZdive is out, and their readers can enjoy a 12-page spread about diving at Gulen Dive Resort on the Norwegian west coast.

Lygnstøylsvatnet in Sunnmørsposten

Lake Lygnstøylsvatnet is one of the most spectacular divesites in Norway, offering a unique view back in time. Sunnmørsposten, a local newspaper, recently printed a story about the lake.

On the cover of EZdive

The worlds first bilingual dive magazine, EZdive, is published in both Chinese and English. They used one of my nudibranch images on the cover of their August 2012 issue.Posted on Aug 13, 2012EZdive is...

Sitting Pretty in DIVE Magazine

DIVE Magazine just published my story about photographing nudibranchs in the Photo Pro section of their August 2012 issue. Check out my tips and tricks on a 10-page spread!

Exciting find in Lygnstøylsvatnet

Lake Lygnstøylsvatnet is one of the most spectacular divesites in Norway, and hundreds or even thousands of dives are made here annualy. Recently, a very exciting find was made in the lake - see...

VideoRay image at SeeByte HQ

Edinburgh-based company SeeByte recently partnered with the world leader in micro-ROV technology VideoRay, and wanted one of my ROV images to hang on their boardroom wall.Seebyte recently partnered with...

S/S Dølen in Romerikes Blad

The wreck of the 65 ft. tugboat S/S Dølen is located at the outlet of Mjøsa, Norway's biggest lake. The story was on print in the local newspaper Romerikes Blad on August 4, 2012.

Second in Unterwasser Visions July 2012

The theme for the Unterwasser Visions photo contest in July 2012 was transparency, and my image was awarded a second place after having puzzled the jury by its strange appearance.Anyone registered at the...

On the cover of DIVE Magazine

DIVE Magazine used one of my images on the cover of their August 2012 issue. The image shows a Limacia clavigera nudibranch, and has proven to be a very popular choice for magazine covers.

S/S Dølen in Hamar Arbeiderblad

The wreck of the 65 ft. tugboat S/S Dølen is located at Minnesund by the the outlet of Mjøsa, Norway's biggest lake. The story was on print in Hamar Arbeiderblad on July 14, 2012.

Grieg Star Shipping vessels named

The two 50.000 DTW supramax bulk carriers Star Athena and Star Eracle decorated with my underwater images were recently named in a ceremony at the Dayang Shipyard in China.Posted on Jul 9, 2012Grieg Star...

S/S Dølen in Dykking

The wreck of the 65 ft. tugboat S/S Dølen is located at the outlet of Mjøsa, Norway's biggest lake. The brand new story is on print in the June 2012 issue of Dykking Magazine.

Visit Norway by app

Visit Norway recently launched a free app to make it easier to get around, finding activities and a place to stay in Norway. They even found room for a couple of my favourite divespots!Screenshots showing...

Second in Unterwasser Visions June 2012

The theme for the Unterwasser Visions photo contest in June 2012 was caves, and my image from the Cape Verde Islands was awarded a splendid second place by the jury.Anyone registered at the Unterwasser...

Nudibranch story in Denmark

Danish underwater photographers can learn more about shooting nudibranchs in the magazine Sportsdykkeren - they are running my Shooting Nudibranchs story in their June 2012 issue.

Wreck story in Denmark

On February 19, 1949 the coastal freighter Bandak became the ship that sank twice. The story is on print in the June 2012 issue of the Danish magazine Sportsdykkeren.

Gulen story in Poland

For the second time in less than a year Polish divers can read all about the spectacular diving at Gulen Dive Resort - this time in the online magazine Nuras.Posted on Jun 24, 2012 by Christian...

FotoVideo grant for ScubaPixel

ScubaPixel has been awarded the FotoVideo blog project equipment grant for 2012. - We feel the blog is a great inspiration to others, FotoVideo says.Posted on Jun 13, 2012 by Christian SkaugeNorway's...

Gulen story in Russia

The June 2012 issue of Russian dive magazine Predelnaya Glubina is out, and readers can kick back and relax with a 14-page spread about diving at Gulen Dive Resort in Norway.

Gulen cover and story in Hungary

Hungarian divers can look forward to reading all about diving at Gulen Dive Resort in the June 2012 issue of Submarine Búvármagazin - which has my squat lobster image on the cover.

Portfolio in Ultimate Depth

Russian dive magazine Predelnaya Glubina is running a series of underwater photographer portfolios - and in their June issue it was my turn to show off some of my best images for the Russian...

ScubaPixel in any language

I have finally got around to installing Googles amazing translating capabilities on ScubaPixel. This means you can now enjoy the stories and blog posts in almost any language!Posted on Jun 9, 2012 by...

Ultimate Depth cover shot

Russian dive magazine Predelnaya Glubina (Ultimate Depth) is running my close-up of a juvenile goldentail moray from Bonaire on the cover of their June 2012 issue.

Nudibranch cover in Denmark

The third issue of Danish dive magazine Sportsdykkeren (Sports Diver) is out this week, and those wanting to learn more about photograping nudibranchs will not be disappointed.

Unterwasser Visions team victory

Team Norway finally rose to the challenge and claimed a much sought-after victory in the Unterwasser Visions contest in May 2012 - thanks to great images by Nils Aukan and Lill Haugen.By Christian...

Gulen story in the Czech Republic

If you live in the Czech Republic and want to read about some serious diving, getting a copy of the new Oceán magazine is a good idea: My Gulen article is on print in their summer issue.

Gulen story in Mexico

Latin America's premier diving magazine Espacio Profundo #114 is out, and Mexican readers can look forward to something completely out of the ordinary - about diving at Gulen Dive resort in Norway.

Nominated for equipment grant

To support visual creativity and inspiration, Norwegian photo dealer FotoVideo launched an equipment grant earlier this year. ScubaPixel is among the final five nominees in the Blog Project category.

A Norwegian Affaire

The wooden ketch Affaire of Stavanger was carrying oil cakes from Riga to Helsingör when she ran aground outside the village of Årsdale on the east coast of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea on December 15,...

Alex Mustard to judge Visions

World famous underwater photographer Alex Mustard (right) joins the already impressive jury line-up in the Unterwasser Visions photo contest, starting with the May competition.Alex Mustard went all viking...

Gulen story in Duiken

The Dutch dive magazine Duiken is running my Gulen story as the main feature in their June 2012 issue, which is already on the street. Feast your eyes on this beautiful eleven-page spread!

Cover and story in Alert Diver

DAN's quarterly publication Alert Diver is out, featuring my article about a deep air dive in the decompression chamber at UllevĂĄl university hospital in Oslo. They also used my image on the cover.

Malta & Gozo in Skytime magazine

Air Malta is running my story about diving on the Maltese islands in the April 2012 issue of their inflight magazine Skytime. This means that 160.000 people flying to or from Valletta may read it!

On the cover of Duiken

Dutch dive magazine Duiken is running my image of a cute, little Cuthona nana nudibranch posing beautifully on a stalk of eelgrass on the cover of their June 2012 issue.

Filmed coral reefs in Norway

The Spanish production company Bluescreen recently wrapped up 10 days of shooting for an episode of their Seas & Oceans documentary series at Gulen Dive Resort in Norway.

Berghia video on YouTube

After being featured on the website of national broadcasting corporation NRK, the video of the newly rediscovered Berghia norvegica nudibranch has had plenty of viewers on YouTube.  Good video...

Lygnstøylsvatnet on Travel+Leisure

Travel+Leisure magazine has compiled a list of the 25 coolest underwater attractions in the world, ranking lake Lygnstølsvatnet among sites like Truuk Lagoon and Cleopatra's Palace in Alexandria, Egypt.No...

Images for Grieg Star Shipping

Grieg Star Shipping has purchased some of my images for decoration on their two new 58.000 DWT Supramax bulk carriers currently under construction at the Dayang Shipyard in China.The images were suggested...

Pink dolphin story in China

EZdive, the world's first bilingual dive magazine, has published my story about the pink dolphins of the Amazon River - the boto. This is the first time I have been published in China.

Gulen story in Dykking Magazine

Dykking, the Norwegian dive magazine, ran my Gulen story as the main feature in their April 2012 issue. Readers can feast their eyes on a very nice seven-page main feature spread.

Weekend wreck special

Norwegian newspaper Fædrelandsvennen ran an 8-page spread about the wrecks on the south coast this weekend. IThey used my images to illustrate the story, and interviewed me about wreck photography.

Berghia norvegica rediscovered

The Berghia norvegica nudibranch was described back in 1939, but it has never been seen until we rediscovered it at the Nudibranch Safari in March 2012. See images and video here!

Destination Lembeh Strait

Norwegian underwater photography dealer Aquaphoto has added dive photo trips to their range of offers, and the first destination is Indonesia's famous Lembeh Strait. Don't miss it - let's go critter...

Nudibranchs in Scuba Diver TTL

As the first Norwegian underwater photographer I have the great honour to be featured in the new underwater photography magazine Scuba Diver Through the Lens.

Sixth place at Wetpixel #429

The theme in Wetpixels Picture of the Week competition #429 was 'cruising', and my image of a school of bannerfish was voted into sixth place in competition with over 40 other images.By Christian...

Do you need a Book Review?

Do you want book reviews for your magazine or online publication? I write reviews on most kinds of dive or underwater photography related books. Long or short - just get in touch!

Gulen story and cover in Denmark

Danish dive magazine Sportsdykkeren have published my Gulen story in their April 2012 issue. The magazine also features my image of the wreck of MV Bandak on the cover.

Gulen story in DIVE Magazine

DIVE Magazine have published my Gulen story on a six-page spread in their March, 2012 issue. This is my first contribution to what is considered one of the leading scuba magazines in the world.The cover...

Team second in Visions

Team Norway claimed a second place in the Unterwasser Visions photo contest in Februar, 2012 after team members were awarded first, sixth and ninth place by the jury.This image showing a Limacia clavigera...

Time for a change in philosophy?

Not happy with where the focus is? New camera technology lets you change this after the image is shot. Is it time for a major change in philosophy, and are we ready to cut the apron strings to the slide...

On the cover of Kretsløpet

'Kretsløpet' (the Cycle) magazine used my image of the underwater recycling station at Gulen Dive Resort on the cover of their February, 2012 issue focusing on marine debris.The cover of the February,...

Honourable mention at OWU 2012

I am delighted that my image of a Cumanotus beaumonti nudibranch was awarded an honourable mention today in the Our World Underwater 2012 photo competition.

Second place at Wetpixel #421

The theme in Wetpixels Picture of the Week competition #421 was 'flowers', and my image of a sand dollar was voted into second place in competition with almost 70 other images.FLOWER: On top of the sand...

Upcoming Stories on Scubapixel

Getting stories and images ready takes time - and I have plenty of material to finish. This post is just to give you an idea about what stories will be available soon on Scubapixel.

Sixth place at Wetpixel #420

The theme in Wetpixels Picture of the Week competition #420 was 'angels', and my image of a Clione limacina was voted into sixth place in competition with over 39 other images.ANGEL OF THE SEA: The...

No luck in the Malta Press Awards

The results of the Malta Tourism Press Awards were made official today. Unfortunately my article didn't even make it into the top three in the 'Photography Reportage' category where I was nominated.The...

Finally - the field guide is here!

Another addition to my nudibranch library has arrived in the mailbox - the much sought-after and constantly unavailable "Field Guide to the Nudibranchs of the British Isles".

21 pages in Dive the World

The new, global dive magazine Dive the World is out, and they spent an awesome 21 pages on my Bonaire article. This is the largest feature I have ever had published in a printed magazine.

Fifth place at Wetpixel #419

The theme in Wetpixels Picture of the Week competition #419 was 'red', and my image of a fireworm from Gozo was voted into fifth place in competition with over 70 other...

Flabellina lineata variations

This is the "classic" look of the Flabellina lineata, as described in most books and online resources on the subject. It is nice and clean, with thin stripes runing along either side and from the...

Support your local aquarium!

If you're lucky enough to have an aquarium close by, make sure you support them by paying a visit from time to time. Dykkersport supports the aquarium in Drøbak by hosting a photo competition.The aquarium...

Nominated for Malta Press Awards

My article about wrecks and caves on Malta and Gozo has been nominated for the prestigous Malta Tourism Press Awards, which is awarded once a year to honour journalists and photographers.

Shooting Nudibranchs in Natur&Foto

Norwegian magazine Natur&Foto features my story on nudibranch photography in their first issue of 2012. On a five-page spread you can learn more about what it takes to really nail the nudies.

Second place at Wetpixel #418

The theme of the Wetpixel Picture of the Week competition #418 was "Frenzied", and among lots of feeding sharks my shrimp image was voted into second place.This little swarm of Mysidium sp. shrimp was...

Parat story in Dykking

The story of the rescue steamer Parat is on print in the February 2012 issue of Dykking Magazine, in their series about Norwegian wrecks. A unique twin wreck dive, Parat lies just four feet from the giant...

Aeolid nudibranchs

What on earth is an aeolid? If you're into nudibranchs you might know that it's not something from Lord of the Rings. Here's a chance to get to know some of the most beautiful animals of the northern...

Portfolio in Dykking Magazine

Dykking Magazine is running a series of portfolios with Norwegian underwater photographers, and in the first issue of 2012 it is my turn to show off some of my best images.

Images in UnderWater magazine

American UnderWater magazine is running a big ROV/AUV pictorial in their latest issue, and used several of my images showing a VideoRay micro-ROV in action on a wreck and in a fish farming pen.UnderWater...

Go to Gulen with Dykkersport

Oslo-based PADI diveshop Dykkersport are using my images to promote their easter trip to Gulen Dive Resort on the Norwegian west coast. If you want some great diving you should tag along!Dykkersport used...

New addi(c)tion to the library

Today, another addition to my nudibranch library arrived in the mailbox - a little treasure of a book called 'Nudibranchs' by Dr. T. E. Thompson. Written in 1976, it is almost impossible to come...

Crustaceans in X-Ray Magazine

Issue #46 of X-Ray Mag has hit the digital newsstands today, featuring my comprehensive story about crustaceans entitled "Gladiators of the Sea". Download the magazine for free today!Download issue #46 of...

"New" nudibranch book has arrived!

Finally I have a new addition to my nudibranch library - the much coveted 'North Atlantic Nudibranchs (Mollusca) seen by Henning Lemche', the famous danish zoologist and painter. The book contains...

New magazine: Dive the World!

The new international dive magazine Dive the World will soon hit the newsstands around the globe, and I am proud to have a huge Bonaire feature in their virgin issue. You don't want to miss this!

Look out for DIVE Magazine!

If you're interested in diving in Norway, you should really look out for the March, 2012 issue of DIVE Magazine - it features my Gulen story over a six page spread.By Christian...

Gulen article in Bluelife Magazyn

Polish online magazine Bluelife has published my article about diving in Gulen on the Norwegian west coast. Most of you will not understand a word - but Polish readers, please enjoy!

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Manatees are some of the sweetest sea creatures you'll ever find. In Crystal Springs they are everywhere, and happily approach you as soon as you get into the water - they want to be scratched on their bellies! READ MORE

Gladiators of the Sea

Crustaceans are a strange breed of animals. They are closely related to insects, and their...

Colorful Nudibranchs

Nudibranchs are among the most colorful and spectacular forms of marine life anywhere in the...

Pink River Dolphins

In the Amazon, they have something out of the ordinary: Pink river dolphins, called boto. I...
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Less is more!

How to avoid leaking and flooding? This article gives you useful tips about underwater housing...

Underwater Graphics

With just a few, simple Photoshop techniques you can transform your ordinary or even...

In the Background

The underwater world is full of brilliant backgrounds, and in this article you can learn more...
In January 2009 I got a chance to visit the Genova Aquarium, and I have added some images from this visit to the database. Check out my images of the very cool jellyfish tanks! READ MORE
A friend tipped me off about this amazing online SLR camera simulator, and thought I would share it with you. It really makes it easy to understand how a camera works - try it here! READ MORE

The Wrecks of Gulen

The area at the mouth of the famous Sognefjord on the Norwegian west coast was of great...

A controversial dive: M/V Seattle

The German freighter M/V Seattle is considered to be one of Norway's best wrecks - but it is...

The unique twin wrecks of Gulen

In 1945 the rescue steamer Parat was called upon to help the grounded German freighter...
Everyone I have spoken to says the PADI Rescue Diver was the most challenging and rewarding course they ever took. I signed up for class and took the most important course on the PADI ladder.
Do you love nudibranchs and want to learn more about them? Then the Nudibranch Safari is just what you've been looking for! Join the nudibranch experts at Gulen Dive Resort in Norway.
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