Pink dolphin story in China

EZdive, the world's first bilingual dive magazine, has published my story about the pink dolphins of the Amazon River - the boto. This is the first time I have been published in China.

Posted on May 9, 2012

The boto (Inia geoffrensis), is one of the world's most endangered cetacean species, and catching a photo of one underwater is a rare treat.

Chinese magazine EZdive ran my story about the boto and how to photograph them in their May 2012 edition of what is the World's first bilingual dive magazine - it is printed in both English and Chinese.

Diving with the botos in Rio Negro was an amazing experience. Nearby, I came across this wall painting .

Unfortunately, there was a small foul-up when they made the layout - I didn't claim that the boto is "possibly the least studied shark species". The first line of text must have been copied from an earlier edition of the 'Wild World' series - s**t happens, I guess.

Anyway, I am very proud to be the first Norwegian to be published in EZdive, and I hope the Chinese audience enjoy my story about the wonderful pink dolphins of the Amazon River.

Tough challenge

Photographing the botos is very difficult because of the extreme conditions in Rio Negro. The water is coffee-colored and offers visibility so bad I could not see my hands or the camera when stretching my arms out.

Under extremely difficult conditions, a bit of luck was needed to be able to shoot this image.

According to legend, the boto transforms into a man at night, and lures young women down to the river and impregnate them.

Apparently, there are quite a few people in the area who have 'boto' listed as their father on their birth certificates... This and other facts about the boto is all included in the story.

Pan-Asian and then some

EZdive is published bi-monthly in 18 countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, The Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New-Guinea, The Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Guam, Kuwait, Mauritius and Japan.

Please visit EZdive's website to read more or to sign up for a subscription to the magazine.

» Click here to visit EZdive and sign up for a subscription

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