Berghia video on YouTube

After being featured on the website of national broadcasting corporation NRK, the video of the newly rediscovered Berghia norvegica nudibranch has had plenty of viewers on YouTube.

 Good video light
A good video light is a must when trying to capture moving images under water. For my first video attempt I used my Light&Motion Sola 600 LED which has a broad beam without hotspots, short charging time and is also extremly compact and travel-friendly. It worked great, and is an ideal all-purpose light as it is also a very good focus light for shooting stills.

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By Christian Skauge   Published: May 15, 2012

Although it has not gone completely viral - not to be expected of a nudibranch video - more than 2.200 people have seen it so far.

This was my first real attempt at creating an underwater video. It was really fun, and making the first ever video of the Berghia norvegica nudibranch was an added bonus.

A different challenge

The challenges are totally different from what I experience when shooting still images - in many ways it is a little backwards. Or the other way around.

When shooting still images, one of the main challenges are particles suspended in the water. It is important not to light these particles, as they will show up as "snow" or backscatter on the image.

With video, this is completely different: Particles slowly floating in the water column actually gives the video more life and depth (pardon the pun) - it really gives the viewer a sense of being under water.

What lights to use?

The difference between working woth strobes and LED video lights is also huge, and in my opinion the two shall never meet: Strobes are a lot more powerful and will be my definite first choice for shooting stills any time - but they are of course usesless when it comes to video.

Click below to see the actual video:

{qtube vid:=0yssdS4pAH8}

I use a Light&Motion SOLA 600 LED light to help my camera focus for stills, and since this is actually a video light it worked perfectly for shooting the nudibranch in situ.

Even though it has a very nice, broad beam it is still not enough when shooting stuff a little larger than nudibranchs, and I realize that I will soon need another one.

Tricky editing

I still have a lot to learn not only when it comes to shooting the videos, but my editing skills are also rudimentary at best.

For the Berghia video I actually used the tools available at YouTube, partly because I was in need to get it done quickly, partly because I don't really have anything else installed that would have done the job.

I was amazed at how powerful even these free tools were, especially the image stabilizing tool. I can only imagine what professional video editing software can do... and I will probably have to find out soon, because shooting video is something I absolutely will do more often!

If you want to see the Berghia norvegica for yourself, joining the Nudibranch Safari at Gulen Dive Resort in March 2013 might be your best bet.

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