Filmed coral reefs in Norway

Sebastian Hernandis from Bluescreen filming the coral reef in Bakkastraumen

The Spanish production company Bluescreen recently wrapped up 10 days of shooting for an episode of their Seas & Oceans documentary series at Gulen Dive Resort in Norway.

Posted on May 19, 2012

The experienced TV team from Bluescreen have been producing underwater documentaries since 1989, and have completed 6 series of 13 episodes each.

They started out in Spain and the Mediterranean, but for the last couple years they have been travelling the world to document destinations like the Maldives, Solomon Islands, Raja Ampat, Costa Rica, Philippines, Cuba and Bali - and now Norway joins this exclusive list.

Sebastian Hernandis, Jose Rafa Garcia March and Jose Manuel Herrero from the Spanish TV production company Bluescreen were especially impressed by the fantastic coral reef in Bakkastraumen south of Gulen Dive Resort seen on the top image.

- We're very proud to be a part of the news series. This confirms that diving in Norway is definitely world class, Ørjan Sandnes of Gulen Dive Resort says.

The series will air in Spain in October, and the 13 episodes will also be shown in countries like Russia, China, Italy and more.

It is too early to tell if it will air in Norway as well, but Bluescreen have a solution for those who want to see it - they're developing an app (iOS and Adroid) where the episodes will be offered.

Sebastian Hernandis of Bluescreen filming the beautiful twin wrecks of Fernedale and Parat - one of the signature dives at Gulen Dive Resort. Sunk in 1944, both wrecks are still in excellent condition.

The episode from Norway is a milestone in Bluescreen's history. It is the first time they have ventured outside the tropics to document diving and marine life.

- Norway was a very special experience for us. The diving and the marine life at Gulen was spectacular, and this will be a very important episode in the upcoming series, says Sebastian Hernandis.

I was on site to assist them in any way possible, mainly with knowledge about the local marine life and how to find it. It was a great experience to see how a professional TV-team works and I certainly learned a lot about shooting video.

The guys from Bluescreen were impressed with what Gulen had to offer. The macro life on the house reef made Sebastian Hernandis exclaim "it's just like Lembeh Strait!" when he exited after one of the dives.

Recreating the tsunami

Bluescreen was hired to shoot the spectacular underwater scenes in the upcoming cinema blockbuster The Impossible starring Ewan MacGregor and Naomi Watts.

At a cost of over 1 million euro and several weeks of work, an entire village was built to scale - as well as a pool containing several thousand cubic metres of water. Bluescreen used eight high-speed cameras to capture the giant wave in a spectacular one-take video shoot.

Directed by Juan Antonia Bayana (The Orphanage), the movie tells the story of a family caught up in the terrifying Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 which killed up to 300.000 people.

The Impossible will be relased in Spanish theatres on October 11, 2012. The opening date in cinemas across the globe (including Norway) has been set to January 4th, 2013.

Please read more about Bluescreen and see examples of their work on their website!

» Click here to visit Bluescreen

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