Periphylla images in IV Digital

Russian divers are in for a treat as online magazine IV Digital is running a big story about the Periphylla periphylla jellyfish in their latest issue. Check out the images!

Posted on Aug 24, 2012

IV Digital is the digital offspring of Octopus - a printed magazine cancelled in 2008. The magazine is mostly about Russian diving, and spend a fair amount of pages on trade shows and events.

They also do equipment reviews and portfolios - some of which have some fabulous images. In the latest issue their readers can learn more about the Periphylla jellyfish featured on a 10-page spread.

IV Digital ran a 10-page spread about the Periphylla in their second issue of 2012 - and even used one of my images on the cover.

The article is written by Nadia Titova, who is a very experienced and capable journalist who took part in the Periphylla Safari at Gulen Dive Resort in January 2012.

This is the only time and place in the world where an organized event to dive with these amazing creatures take place. The article was also published online in Russia in February:

» Click here to read the story on

Divers rarely get to study or photograph this awesome creature in detail, but the Periphylla Safari offers some pretty unique opportunities.

Alien of the Deep

Periphylla is a deep-sea species normally found anywhere from 700-3.000 meters below the surface. But in the middle of the winter they venture to the surface at night to find a mate.

The jellyfish are normally found in the open ocean, but in certain fjords along the Norwegian west coast they can be encountered at diveable depths - and the Periphylla Safari is one such opportunity.

I don't read Russian, but from what I can gather using Google Translate the story is an interesting account of the Periphylla Safari and the challenging diving conditions the visitors must endure...

» Click here to see more Periphylla images

The magazine contains a full 109 pages (218 if you count traditional spreads!) and as you can see they also decided to use one of my images on the cover - a much appreciated surprise!

» Click here to visit InVertum and read IV Digital online

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