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Posted on Jan 1, 2013

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On the cover of Nurkowanie

Polish dive magazine Nurkowanie Magazyn is running a big feature about wreck diving in Malta in their November/December issue of 2013. I'm very pleased that they decided to use one of my wreck images on the cover.

Skinny Dipping in Gulen

The waters off the west coast of Norway is filled with nude beauties. Dressed in their most seductive and colorful outfits, they are all bisexual and their favourite position is the enticing 69. Sounds interesting?

NE Atlantic Nudibranch Symposium

For the first time, nudibranch experts and researchers have an opportunity to meet and talk only about nudibranchs! This unique workshop takes place at Gulen Dive Resort in Norway in March 2014.

Nudibranch Safari speakers

The Nudibranch Safari boasts an impressive line-up of internationally acclaimed speakers. Check out the experts that will be giving lectures at Gulen Dive Resort in March 2015.

The Secrets of Shooting Patterns

Few things are more intriguing than some of the out-of-this-world patterns one encounters under the water. Here are some tips to capture mesmerizing underwater graphics.

Nudibranch Safari on Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel's popular Daily Planet show recently featured a segment from the Nudibranch Safari at Gulen Dive Resort. Bernard Picton is now officially a nudibranch rockstar!

Database breaches 3.800 images

The ScubaPixel database now contains over 3.800 underwater, travel and diving related images from around the world. The upgraded search function makes it easy to find what you want!

Okinawa surprises and amazes

Well into my trip to Okinawa, the typhoons have passed and we’re finally able to do some diving. I’m pleasantly surprised - we see great underwater seascapes, schools of fish and colorful marine life on every dive.

Typhoon Danas to hit Okinawa

Typhoon Danas has just been upgraded to a category 4 typhoon, packing winds of up to 217 km/h with gusts peaking at an incredible 257 km/h. The typhoon is expected to hit Okinawa at 3 PM today.

Diving Okinawa - well, not exactly...

I’m currently on a two-week dive trip to Okinawa, Japan - but typhoons and tropical storms are making things very difficult. After being here almost a week, I have only managed three dives...

An UW Photographer's Guide to Croatia

The Dalmatian coast, which makes up the middle part of Croatia’s 1.000 mile long coastline, is well known for its beautiful scenery, pleasant Mediterranean climate and hundreds of dazzling islands.

On the cover of DIVE Magazine

The September 2013 issue of DIVE Magazine is out, featuring one of my coral reef images from Bonaire on the cover. The issue is dedicated to reefs and offers several interesting stories on this topic.

Nudibranch image on UPG

Underwater Photography Guide invited contributors to enter pictures for their "10 Amazing Photos from Friends of the Guide". My image of a Polycera nudibranch made it into the Top 10!

Nudibranch story on Divernet

Danish underwater photographer Morten Bjørn Larsen attended the Nudibranch Safari 2012, and wrote a great story which was published in Diver Magazine in the UK in January. Now it's available online!

Posters and images for Gulen

Gulen Dive Resort are refurbishing the diver's area and installing a new compressor system and filling panel. They also tasked me with producing some new posters to show off their diving.

Dølen images becomes part of exhibition

My images of S/S Dølen are set to become part of the permanent exhibition at Mjøssamlingene. The museum host their annual "open house" on August 25, 2013 so just stop by to see them!

New nudibranch book

If you're into nudibranchs and plan to visit Portugals Algarve coast anytime soon, João Pedro Silva and Gonçalo Calado's new book about sea slugs in this area is a must-have. And it works well in the field, too!

Forza Italia!

The results for the Unterwasser Visions photo contest in June are out, and my image entitled Forza Italia! recieved accolade from the jury and was awarded a fifth place. Grazie mille!

Today's dive: Gulen House Reef

Today's dive was my first for a long time in Norwegian waters. I'm back at Gulen Dive Resort on the west coast, and the house reef offered some nice surprises: The nudibranchs are still here - even some of the rare ones.

Jury duty for WWF Norway

I have been asked by WWF to be on the jury in their summer photo competition themed "ocean" - an honour I did not hesitate to accept. Go ahead and enter your best images and win a fabulous prize!

I'm finally editing again...

After a long break in image editing I have an horrendous backlog, but now I'm finally back on track again... and you can expect a lot of new images to be added to the ScubaPixel database.

Spyder Pro 4 screen calibrator

I've grown tired of seeing my images look weird and over-edited! To remedy this I have bought a Spyder Pro 4 monitor calibration tool, and guess what? My images started looking better instantly!

7th place in Unterwasser Visions

The deep-sea jellyfish Periphylla periphylla has always been a head-turner, and so also in Unterwasser Visions: In May, my close-up image of the alien of the deep hit the jury dead center.

Team victory and 4th place in Visions

Team Norway excelled in the Unterwasser Visions photo contest in April 2013: With images placing 1st and 4th we did well individually - and also claimed victory in the team competition.

In the Background in Dykking

Dykking magazine is running my underwater photography story about getting the background right in their April 2013 issue. Hopefully their readers can pick up a few tips and ideas!

Blogging for Sub2o

DiveAdvisor, a new website where divers can log their dives digitally and share their information with other divers, just launched their new blog called Sub2o. I've been invited to write for them.

Search for the deep blue sea

The deep blue color of the ocean has always captivated man, and divers marvel over this and all the other spectacular colors found below the surface. Search for your favorite color on Scubapixel!

Epic fail - new species vanished

The newspaper Bergens Tidende last night told the world about my epic fail: A possible new nudibranch species that got lost during the Nudibranch Safari in March 2013.

Two new Eubranchus species for Norway

The identity of two of the more obscure nudibranchs in the Eubranchus family have been confirmed by scientists. Both have been added to the official Norwegian nudibranch list.

No more DYK and Dive the World

Sadly, the Danish/Swedish dive magazine DYK along with their international start-up Dive the World have gone out of business. Bad news - I was hoping they would publish many more of my stories.

Japanese nudibranch book

When you're as interested in nudibranchs as I am, you don't worry about understanding the language. Recently I was given a copy of Opisthobranchs Illustrated, a wonderful record of Japanese sea slugs.

Brazil, Azores and Cape Verde

I'm currently in the process of buffing up the Scubapixel database, and have added a bunch of topside images from the Atlantic Ocean. Not what you expected? Enjoy them anyway - they're a part of dive travel.

Impressions from Golden Dolphin 2013

Russia's largest dive show Golden Dolphin took place in February, and here are some impressions from the gathering in Moscow.

New nudibranch paper is out

Norwegian scientists Jussi Evertsen and Torkild Bakken has published a paper about the diversity of Norwegian sea slugs. Ten of the fifteen species covered in the paper were found at the Nudibranch Safari!

Second place in wreck image competition

My image of the rescue steamer S/S Parat was voted into second place in the 'ambient light' theme competition at the Facebook-based wreck photography group Wreckshhots.

Russian nudibranch book

I don't speak a word of Russian, but I still had to purchase Dr. Alexander Martynov and Tatiana Korshunova's beautiful book about opisthobranch molluscs in the seas of Russia.

Images on national TV

The Norwegian public broadcaster NRK ran a story about marine archaeology in the Trondheim region, using some of my images from the ancient wreck Perlen. The story was followed up online.

Marine Life of Northern Europe

If you're interested in the fish and invertebrate life of Northern Europe, there is one book that stands above the rest when it comes to showing the plethora of species in both text and images.

Seas & Oceans II soon finished

The Spanish TV production company Bluescreen report that the editing of their new TV series Seas & Oceans II is almost finished. I accompanied them to Gulen Dive Resort last year for one of the episodes.

Rockin' the Boot 2013

My trip to the Boot trade show in Düsseldorf with Gulen Dive Resort was a great success. The reception was exceptionally good, and we made many connections that will be useful in the future.

Gold Medal for photo tips article

My 'Shooting Nudibranchs' article published in the Underwater Macro Photographers monthly eNews was voted Photo Tips Article of the Year in the Facebook group's recent annual awards.

Impressions from Boot 2013

Just home from Boot in Düsseldorf, I would like to share some impressions from the tradeshow, which now is the largest gathering of the dive industry world wide.

Hans Hass Fifty Fathoms Award

Franch marine biologist and underwater photographer Laurent Ballesta recieved the 2013 Hans Hass Fifty Fathoms Award at the Boot trade show in Düsseldorf last week.

Judging UWMP 2012 Awards

The Facebook group Underwater Macro Photographers has chosen the winners of their 2012 Awards, and I was honoured to be asked to be one of the judges. Let me tell you, it was hard to choose!

Flyers for Gulen Dive Resort

Gulen Dive Resort are planning to make a big splash on the Boot trade show in Düsseldorf later this month, and have asked me to help design the flyers and stand material they need.

Report: Periphylla Safari 2013

The fifth Periphylla Safari was a great success, with excellent conditions from start to finish. We did top-class wreck diving during the day and saw lots of Periphylla jellyfish at night - and everyone enjoyed the exotic event.

Presentations at Boot 2013

The times for my presentations, talks and workshops at the Boot 2013 dive show are ready. With a total of 24 appearances there's a good chance you'll be able to catch me if you're going to Boot.

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