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Limacia clavigera nudibranchs mating

Spring is the time for breeding, mating and reproduction. Our northern seas comes to life for a few hectic summer months, and hormones rule both depths and shallows alike.

Posted on Apr 17, 2012

Have you ever wondered why fish or other animals have certain colours or display unusual behaviour at certain times? Or have you come across eggs under water and wondered who laid them?

The ScubaPixel database contains many images showing reproduction, mating, eggs and offspring of many kinds of animals and invertebrates:

In the spring, nature switches into high gear for the warmer months. Animals of all kinds mate, breed and lay their eggs to take advantage of the nutrient-rich summer water.

If only we had more time when diving, to observe what is going on and what strange creatures will emerge from the small, translucent balls of life...

Over the years I have encountered many kinds of mating behavour and different eggs, and now I have tagged these images to make them searchable in the database.

Want a story about sex in the ocean?

I'm working on a text to accompany some of the best images, and I will soon present a complete story about the sexual wonders of the deep... Stay tuned!

For your convenience, here's a link to the 75+ images showing all kinds of reproduction - mating behaviour, spawning, breeding, eggs or even babies:

» Click here to browse reproduction images

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