Nauticam NA-300s dSLR housing

For several years, I have been using Nikon dSLR cameras for my underwater photography. To protect these expensive and fragile technical marvels I rely on underwater housings from Nauticam.

Innovative features
The port lock on the Nauticam housing is easy to use, and virtually foolproof: If the port is not correctly mounted, it is impossible to shut the lock. Seven metal flanges grip the port base and keep it securely attached to the housing.

Flash popup
One of the clever switches on the Nauticam NA-300s housing allows you to flip open the camera's built-in flash. Not only that - you can even close it again! When relying on optical strobe cables, this is an important feature saving a lot of grief.

Optical strobes
Nauticam delivers many of their housings with easy-to-use optical connectors for strobes. I shoot entirely by fibre optics and love the ease of use and accuracy this provides. Electrical strobe options are available when ordering a housing.

Posted on Feb 14, 2012
Many people email or even call me to get advice when planning to buy an underwater housing for their new camera.

It is a tough decision involving a lot of money, and it is extremely important to make the right choice.

I appreciate anyone getting in touch to hear my views on what to choose, and will try to help as good as I can.

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When I started out with my first dSLR, a Nikon D70 in 2005, the number of available housings were a little more limited than it is today.

After several month of reading reviews online, talking to people and emailing both dealers and producers, I chose the Japanese brand Nexus from Anthias - and was completely happy for several years and camera models.

Nauticam - a modern Nexus

When I upgraded to the semi-professional D300s model, there was however a new kid on the block.

At the same time, Nexus had problems bringing their new models to the market quick enough. I was getting tired of not knowing when they would be able to deliver, and when it would make sense for me to upgrade to a newer camera model.

This led me to have a closer look at the housings from Hong Kong-based producer Nauticam.

I quickly realized that changing brands would be worth it - even with the extra cost of changing domes, ports and accessories.

Nauticam offers a package which is really hard to beat - perfect ergonomics, lots of innovative features and excellent manufacturing quality. A lot like my old Nexus housings, but more modern and up-to-date in every way.


When all this was made available at a price lower than most European manufacturers could offer, it was almost a no-brainer.

In my opinion, Nauticam is overall the best option for a dSLR underwater housing available on the market today. Great quality and ease-of-use combined with getting new models out quickly gives me peace of mind for future camera upgrades.

I purchased a Nauticam housing for my Nikon D300s in September 2010, and I've been completely satisfied ever since. Nauticam really helps me getting better images!

Stays dry, always

I never had any problems with leaks on my Nexus housings, and this was a major concern when choosing a new brand. Nexus had always relied on a simple thread for attaching their ports and domes, whereas most other housings comes with some sort of bayonet coupling.

I must admit I was a little apprehensive at first, but Nauticams secure system with seven flanges grabbing hold of the base of the port combined with a lock system soon had me convinced.

The lock system is very easy to use. Changing ports is really quick, and it's virtually foolproof: If the port is not mounted correctly, the lock will not close. It's that simple. This provides ample security and is a very important feature on the Nauticam housings.

Here are a couple more images of the housing (courtesy of Nauticam):

Depending on where you are located, there may or may not be a Nauticam dealer in your country. You will find information about this on the nauticam website.

I am lucky enough to have Norwegian dealer Aquaphoto close at hand, and they take care of supplies, service & repair and answers any questions I might have along the way.

Click here to visit the Nauticam website

Telephone: +47 94 83 32 83
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