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Posted on Jan 1, 2014

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Stage times on Boot 2015

If you're planning to visit the Boot show in DĂĽsseldorf in January 2015, don't miss my appearances on stage. Here's an overview of what I will be talking about on stage, as well as when and where. Check it out!

Eh? Clownfish cover?

The January 2015 issue of Tauchen has just hit the newsstands, featuring my image of a fire clown fish from the Philippines on the cover.

Story and cover in ScubaZone

Do you read Italian and are curious about diving in Norway? Then you should read my feature about diving at Gulen Dive Resort, which is published on a 13-page spread in ScubaZone magazine this month.

Is it Africa? Or the Caribbean?

None of them - it's in the middle! Far off the coast of Senegal, Cape Verde is a tropical Atlantic paradise with great diving opportunities. If you want to know more, pick up the December 2014 issue of German magazine Tauchen.

Dalmatian delights in DIVE Magazine

Now you can get a glimpse of liveaboard diving in Croatia in the latest issue of DIVE Magazine, as they run my story from Kornati on the Dalmatian coast. The story is available for free online.

Gulen story in Italy

Italian divers will be able to expand their horizon and discover diving in Norway as my story from Gulen Dive Resort is published on premier Italian scuba website ScubaPortal this month.

Genesis goes to the top

The Unterwasser Visions photo contest is still going strong, with plants being he theme in August 2014. My close-up of a water lily leaf entitled "Genesis" was awarded 1st place by the jury.

Monthly winner in Siren Fleet contest

Siren Fleet just published the winners of their annual calendar competition. Phil Sokol took home the overall victory, but my feather star shrimp was voted the monthly winner for November 2013.

6th place in Unterwasser Visions

Less is more was the theme for the Unterwasser Visions photo contest in June 2014, and my shooting star nudibranch received praise from the jury. The image was presented in the September issue of the magazine.

A World Class Wreck Dive

On January 6, 1940, the German freighter Frankenwald was caught in a treacherous current on the Norwegian west coast. With a deafening noise, German steel met Norwegian rock, and ship and cargo were lost.

The Dark Side...

...was the theme for the Unterwasser Visions photo contest in May 2014. My image of the wreck "Parat" was voted into 9th place, and was presented in the August issue of Unterwasser.

How to shoot a magazine cover?

Every underwater photographer's wet dream is getting an image of the cover of a magazine. Share this story with your readers and let them in om some of the secrets of shooting cover shots!

Mecca for Wrecks and Caves

The combination of both historical and newly sunk wrecks, spectacular caves and some of the best visibility in the world makes Malta and Gozo the perfect destination for a true underwater adventure.

Black as Night in Scuba Diver TTL

If you want to learn more about shooting black backgrounds you should pick up the July 2014 issue of Scuba Diver TTL: They are running my Black as Night underwater photography feature.

Romantic liveaboard in Croatia

Croatia is well known for its beautiful scenery, pleasant climate and hundreds of dazzling islands. Endulge in a romantic liveabord trip in the latest edition of Dykking Magazine!

Portfolio in Tauchen

Underwater images can captivate and spellbind you. The playing fields of Norwegian underwater photographer Christian Skauge are huge wrecks, but also tiny nudibranchs.

Clear water, plenty of wrecks

Sounds almost too good to be true? This is precisely what the Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo offers! Read more in the April 2014 issue of the Swedish Sportsdykkeren magazine.

Dykking goes all black

UW photographers who want to learn more about shooting black backgrounds are getting what they want in the April 2014 issue of Norwegian dive magazine Dykking, which features my Black as Night story.

Liveaboard in Croatia

I went on a liveaboard cruise among the islands of Croatia and was thoroughly impressed with what the Adriatic Sea had to offer - both below and above the surface.

Featured in UWP Magazine

Issue #78 of Underwater Photography Magazine is just out, featuring the winning images of the Nudibranch Photo Competition which ran last month - including my Cumanotus beaumonti.

Happy snapping in DIVE Magazine

Some underwater photographers almost completely dismantle their gear after every dive, and spend silicone grease like there's no tomorrow - while others do as little as possible. What's the best maintenance approach?

Black as Night

Some of the most striking underwater images are those with a completely black background. They make the subject stand out, letting the brilliant colors and shapes play the main role instead of fading into the background.

Norwegian Wrecks? Go South and West!

German dive magazine Tauchen is running my story about six great Norwegian wreck dives in their May 2014 issue - three on the south coast and three at the mouth of the Sognefjord on the west coast.

Runner-up in nudi competition

The winners of the first Nudibranch Photo Competition sponsored by Nauticam has just been announced. To my great pleasure three of my entries made it to the final!

Frankenwald in Sportsdykkeren

In 2009, the 122 meter long German freighter Frankenwald was voted Norway's Best Wreck. In their April 2014 issue, the Danish magazine Sportsdykkeren take their readers for a dive there.

On the cover of Sportsdykkeren

The April 2014 edition of Sportsdykkeren magazine is out, featuring one of my images on the cover. The magazine also features my story about the wreck of Frankenwald on the Norwegian west coast.

Cover and feature in aQua

Nudibranchs seem to be gaining more popularity for every week, and my story about the Nudibranch Safari has already been published in several magazines. Now its available in Spanish too - in aQua magazine.

Diving into History: Flooded Farms

Exploring a Flooded Valley born from a rockslide in 1908. Lake Lygnstøylsvatnet on the Norwegian west coast offers spectacular farmhouse ruins and an underwater forest.

On the cover of Tauchen

The May 2014 issue of Europe's biggest dive magazine Tauchen will soon hit the newsstands across Germany, featuring my image of a secretary blenny shot at Bonaire on the cover.

In the Background

The underwater world is full of brilliant backgrounds, and in this article you can learn more about how to make it work for you - not against you. When done right you can achieve some stunning results!

Discover Maltese wreck diving

The Polish dive magazine Nurkowanie recently published a big feature about diving in Malta. They paid special attention to the world class wrecks, and used my images to illustrate it.

World class wreck diving

It's comes as no surprise that the people at the premier German tech magazine Wetnotes are into wrecks. Their January issue featured my story about wreck diving in Gulen, Norway on a 15-page spread.

Less is more!

How to avoid leaking and flooding? This article gives you useful tips about underwater housing maintenance and tells you what to do before, during and after the dive. As so often in life, less is more.

Norwegian nudibranch paradise

Hungarian diving website thinks nudibranchs are very cool, and they have published my short story about the Nudibranch Safari on their website - under the title "Norwegian nudibranch paradise".

The unique twin wrecks of Gulen

In 1945 the rescue steamer Parat was called upon to help the grounded German freighter Ferndale - but both were sunk in an ensuing allied air attack on the Norwegian west coast.

A Nudibranch Safari in Norway

The universe of nudibranchs is a strange microcosmos – and if you get hooked, you’ll soon find yourself addicted to looking for new and ever stranger species. The next logical step is to attend a Nudibranch Safari.

Welheim in Dykking magazine

The German freighter Welheim was sunk in November 1944 by a Norwegian torpedo boat not far from Florø on the Norwegian west coast. Dykking magazine offers the full story in their February 2014 edition.

Featured in the 2014 Dykking calendar

Norwegian dive magazine Dykking recently published their 2014 calendar, which features two of my images this year - in August and December. The calendar comes free with every subscription, so sign up!

On the cover of Malstroem

Caterina Cattaneo's new book, a thriller called Maelstroem, features one of my wreck images on the cover. I'm very proud that one of Norway's biggest publishing houses chose my image.

Read all about crustaceans

My "Gladiators of the Sea" story is on print in Dykking magazine's January 2014 issue, and readers can look forward to a comprehensive story full of facts about the most numerous animal group in the ocean.

Seattle: Caught in the crossfire

In 1939 the German freighter Seattle escaped arrest at Curaçao. She made it all the way to Norway only to be caught in the crossfire on the morning of Operation Weserübung. Wreck Diving Magazine has the full story.

Nudibranch Safari feature in Mexico

The Nudibranch Safari is gaining popularity well outside what one would think of as the natural realm: The online magazine Espacio Profundo recently ran a 5-page spread about the safari - in Mexico!

Gearing up for the Nudisafari

The Nudibranch Safari is coming upon us before we know it, and I found it was time to get geared up and ready for this year's slugfest at Gulen Dive Resort. One of the things needed was a new stereo magnifier.

Frankenwald - Norway's Best Wreck

If you want to know more about Frankenwald, the online dive magazine X-Ray Mag has just what you need: A nine-page spread about the 122 meter long German freighter which was voted Norway's Best Wreck in 2009.

New Gulen flyers for Boot

Gulen Dive Resort are returning to the Boot trade show in a few days, and asked me to freshen up the flyers I made for them last year. Hoperfully, these will do the trick and make people remember them!

Stage times on Boot 2014

If you're planning to visit the Boot show in DĂĽsseldorf later this month, don't miss my appearances on stage. Here's an overview of what I will be talking about, as well as when and where.

The Wrecks of Gulen

The area at the mouth of the famous Sognefjord on the Norwegian west coast was of great strategic importance during WWII, and the area is virtually littered with wrecks.

A controversial dive: M/V Seattle

The German freighter M/V Seattle is considered to be one of Norway's best wrecks - but it is also a very controversial dive: Since 1996 four divers have perished on the wreck. One of them has not been recovered.

The ship that sank twice

On February 19, 1949 the coastal freighter Bandak ran aground and sank at the entrance to the Sognefjord. Incredibly this was not the first time she sank - but it certainly was the last.

S/S Dølen - A fresh water tug

Norway’s vast coastline is famous for its many great WWII wrecks, so why go wreck diving in a river north of Oslo? I did - and it was a beautiful dive.

Lionfish in the Caribbean

Since it was first discovered in Florida in the mid-1990s, the lionfish has invaded the entire Caribbean. Threatening the environment but also leading to creative business ideas, the lionfish has a great impact.

The Rescue steamer Parat

The rescue steamer Parat was called upon to help the grounded German freighter Ferndale - but both were sunk in an allied air attack on the Norwegian west coast.

PADI Rescue Course

Everyone I have spoken to says the PADI Rescue Diver was the most challenging and rewarding course they ever took. I signed up for class and took the most important course on the PADI ladder.

The Savonmaa tragedy

On January 20, 1937 the Finnish steamer S/S Savonmaa was surprised by one of the fiercest storms ever recorded in the northern Atlantic. Her entire crew of 26 perished off the southern coast of Norway.

Underwater Graphics

With just a few, simple Photoshop techniques you can transform your ordinary or even dull-looking underwater images into stunning graphics. Help your readers become more creative!

Gladiators of the Sea

Crustaceans are a strange breed of animals. They are closely related to insects, and their extreme diversity in terms of behaviour, size and appearance always attract the attention of divers.

Stars of the Ocean

They have up to 40.000 hydraulic tube feet, and are able to regenerate lost limbs. These are just two of the remarkable traits of some of the most adaptable inhabitants of the sea - the starfish.

When is it safe to fly?

Your dive holiday is coming to an end, and you start to wonder when it's safe to fly. The dive computer says one thing, the dive table another. And what's really the difference between "no fly" and "desaturation"?

In the Chamber

The depth gauge reads 60.2 meters, and I sound like Donald Duck. My fingers are so numb they feel like they belong to someone else and I get disoriented just by turning my head - it just keeps spinning.

Gulen - In a class of its own

Cold water diving will never be the same after you visit Gulen. This is where history meets present day, the deep ocean meets the kelp forest and where the gargantuan meets the miniscule.

Shooting Nudibranchs

Shooting nudibranchs seems to be every underwater photographer's favorite pastime - and the rewards are great. These colourful creatures make great subjects, but they can be trickier to shoot than you'd think.

Bonaire - Divers Paradise

If you travel to the Caribbean, Bonaire is the only place that counts. There is a reason the car licence plates say "Divers Paradise" - Bonaire has been voted Best Caribbean Destination eight years in a row.

The Wrecks of Malta

With spectacular wrecks and almost unreal visibility, Malta offers some of the best diving in the Mediterranean. We visited some of the most well-known wrecks at this classic dive destination.

M-1104 Jan Hubert

In January 2011, after more than 20 years of searching, the German minesweeper M-1104 Jan Hubert was finally found at 50 meters depth off the coast of southern Norway.

Pink River Dolphins

In the Amazon, they have something out of the ordinary: Pink river dolphins, called boto. I visited the Ariau Amazon Towers resort, and can now offer an exciting story with unique images.

Spacediving at ESA

Share this story from the European Space Agency's Neutral Buoyancy Facility just outside Cologne, Germany and let your readers enjoy some some spectacular astronaut training.

Tropical Atlantic: Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a true tropical paradise - in the Atlantic Ocean. The former Portuguese colony offers great diving with schools of fish, wrecks and stunning caves where the bottom is covered with shark's teeth.

Periphylla - Alien of the Deep

The Periphylla periphylla, or Crown jelly, is a deep-water species normally found at 700-3000 meters of depth. Once a year in certain Norwegian fjords, they venture to the surface at night to breed.

Flooded Forest

Once upon a time there was a peaceful valley with a small river running through it. Then the mountain above it started to rumble, and a big rockslide came crashing down. Lake Lygnstøylsvatnet was born.

Angels of the Sea

Sometimes the things you discover in the sea are so beautiful it leaves you completely dumbfounded. The delicate and illusive sea angels certainly fall into that category.

Colorful Nudibranchs

Nudibranchs are among the most colorful and spectacular forms of marine life anywhere in the world, and they mesmerize divers and underwater photographers alike. Let your readers know more!

Manatees - Cuddly Seacows

Manatees are some of the sweetest sea creatures you'll ever find. In Crystal Springs they are everywhere, and happily approach you as soon as you get into the water - they want to be scratched on their bellies!

Arabian Nights - The Best of Saudi Arabia

In "The Living Sea" Jacques Cousteau wrote that the Farasan Banks in Saudi Arabia was one of the most fascinating areas he had visited. This story shows what diving in the Red Sea used to be like.

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The underwater world is full of brilliant backgrounds, and in this article you can learn more about how to make it work for you - not against you. When done right you can achieve some stunning results!...
Do you love nudibranchs and want to learn more about them? Then the Nudibranch Safari is just what you've been looking for! Join the nudibranch experts at Gulen Dive Resort in Norway.
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