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My "Gladiators of the Sea" story is on print in Dykking magazine's January 2014 issue, and readers can look forward to a comprehensive story full of facts about the most numerous animal group in the ocean.

Posted on Feb 10, 2014

Crustaceans are a weird and wonderful breed of animals, so different from us that they seem almost alien: They have exoskeletons, compound eyes, hefty claws and blue blood.

Some of them even live in mobile homes, while others employ chemical defense mechanisms or intricate camouflage to stay safe.

In Dykking magazine's January 2014 issue you can read my account of what the crustaceans are and what they are up to, and maybe learn a thing or two you didn't know about them.

Hermit crabs ar funny little animals. They're always busy, and some species even emply the help of anemones growing on their back to protect themselves against predators.

Weird and wonderful

With over 50.000 described species crustaceans are the most numerous animal group in the oceans, and they are found in all kinds of habitats - even in fresh water or on land.

Did you know that some hermit crabs have great difficulty finding a new home because their behinds are curved the wrong way? Or that crabs have tastebuds on their feet? This story will give you answers to many questions you didn't know you had!

The ScubaPixel database is full of crustacean images - please click here to have a look.

Crabs, lobsters, shrimp, hermits, squat lobsters, swmming crabs - they are all mentioned in the big crustacean feature in Dykking magazine.

Get this story for your magazine!

This 2.200 word story comes with over 200 high-quality images. To begin with it is written about crustaceans found in the northern Atlantic, but it can easily be adapted for almost any region of the world.

If you would like to let your readers learn more about crustaceans while feasting their eyes on some great images, please get in touch!

Published since 1983

Dykking is published six times a year and has a circulation of approximately 5.000. Published since 1983, it is one of the longest-running dive magazines in Europe.

To read the full story (which is in Norwegian), please visit Dykking magazine and sign up for a subscription today!

» Click here to visit Dykking magazine

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