In the Chamber

Decompression Chamber

The depth gauge reads 60.2 meters, and I sound like Donald Duck. My fingers are so numb they feel like they belong to someone else and I get disoriented just by turning my head - it just keeps spinning.

Posted on Dec 2, 2011

How does a dive to 60 meters on air really feel? Most of us don't want to find out - unless it can be done in the safety of a decompression chamber.

I visited the chamber at the Ullevål university hospital in Oslo to write this first-hand account of what it's like.

Now you can share this important experience with your readers, and let them know what can happen if they venture too deep on air.

This is what a typical decompression chamber looks like on the inside. You don't want to end up here for real - but if you get the chance, you should do a dive to feel the effects of deep air yourself!

The high pressure does not only induce nitrogen narcosis, it also affects your vocal chords causing your voice to sound like something out of a cartoon.

Although not a problem when under water, it certainly adds a fun touch to the chamber dive!

Get this story for your magazine!

When you share this 1.200 word story with your readers, they will find out why a chamber dive is both fun and an important learning experience.

Accompanied by several images from the decompression chamber as well as divers in different deco/safety stop situations, this short story is ready to print any time.

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