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Christian Skauge

Christian Skauge is an award-winning underwater photographer based in Oslo, Norway. He takes particular interest in photographing macro life, but also enjoy wide-angle wreck photography.

Posted on Mar 2, 2006 - updated Feb 6, 2014

Christian started shooting with an Olympus C-5050 zoom compact camera in 2003, and moved on to a dSLR in 2005. Having gone through a Nikon D70, a D200 and a D300 in Nexus housings, he now uses a D300s in a Nauticam housing from Aquaphoto, with two Inon Z-240 strobes and ULCS arm system.

There are many fabulous divespots around the world, and Christian has visited many of them. However, he is especially fond of the richness and color of his home waters on the Norwegian west coast.

Here, you'll find some of the world's best cold water diving, and the seasonal changes are just amazing. You won't find as many colorful fish or critters as on coral reefs, and have to work harder for every image. The reward is that much greater when you finally get a shot you have been wanting for a long time.

International Awards

Among the awards Christian has recieved for his work is Top Photo at the International PAF Tachov festival in the Czech Republic, winner of the underwater category in the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards, Highly Honoured Photographer in the Nature's Best Photography International Windland Smith Rice Awards and winner of the Traditional Macro category at the 4th Wetpixel and DivePhotoGuide Our World Underwater Competition.

One of Christian's photos was exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History from April to September 2011, as part of the Nature's Best Windland Smith Rice Awards exhibition.

Christian has also won numerous online contests like Wetpixel Picture of the Week and Unterwasser Visions, and is a two-time Norwegian Champion in underwater photography. In 2010, he also claimed gold medal in the Nordic Championships.

Widely published and former editor

His images and articles have been published in a variety of dive magazines around the world, and he has several cover shots to his credit. His images have also been used in several diving and wildlife calendars. In 2011, his article about diving on Malta and Gozo was nominated for the Malta Tourism Press Awards.

Christian worked as editor of Dykking, the Norwegian scuba diving magazine, for almost five years until winter 2010. He then moved on to work with VideoRay micro-ROVs at Miltronic. From February 2013 Christian is a full-time self-employee of ScubaPixel with underwater photography, freelance dive journalism, workshops and dive travel.

If you want to see more of Christians images from Norway and around the world, please use the Images tab on top of the page. Just type in anything you want to see - the images are tagged in both English and Norwegian (also with latin classifications).

Me under water

Underwater pictures of myself are few and far between, but Stuart Rhys-Jones from Dive Malta/Tec Deep Blue captured this terrific image of me using my camera at the end of a dive to the Blenheim Bomber off the coast of Malta in 2010 - thanks, Stuart!

Photo: Stuart Rhys-Jones, Dive Malta/Tec Deep Blue

My friend and fellow underwater photographer Lasse Iversen, who runs Aquaphoto where I get my Nauticam equipment, captured this very cool image of me at the Periphylla Safari at Gulen Dive Resort a couple years ago:

Photo: Lasse Iversen, Coldwaterphoto

Lasse Iversen also captured this image entitled 'Nudibranch Warrior' at Gulen Dive Resort sometime in 2010. The image shows my macro setup including the SubSee +5 diopter mounted on the port:

Photo: Lasse Iversen, Coldwaterphoto

Famous underwater photographer Alex Mustard shot this image of me having anemones for lunch on the deco stop at the wreck Frankenwald when we met at Gulen Dive Resort for the Nordic Photo Event in 2010:

My friend and fellow underwater photographer Dag Leslie Hansen captured this picture of me at the Nudibranch Safari at Gulen Dive Resort in March 2013:

Photo: Dag Leslie Hansen, www.sue.no

Self portraits - selfies

Whenever I think of it, I try to capture some self portraits under water as well. Since I very often dive with a macro setup this is not always possible, and I'll spare you the grisly details... But sometimes I have a wide-angle lens on. The pictures below have been taken in various places around the world over the years:

Thank you for visiting my website! I hope you enjoy the images and the stories you find here. If you want to download a short bio, please click here.


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