Images of Palio dubia

Palio dubia

More images of the rare Palio dubia nudibranch has been added to the image database, making the nudibranch selection even more complete and bringing the total number of images over 300.

Posted on Dec 27, 2008

There are now in total nine images of the Palio dubia, or banded polycera, in the database.

The banded polycera belongs to the Polyceridae family, along with the more commonly seen species Polycera quadrilineata.

All of the images have been shot on the Norwegian west coast; most of them at the house reef of Gulen Dive Resort just north of Bergen.

Rare species

Palio dubia is most often olive green in colour, but can sometimes be seen in a more golden variant.

Palio dubia is sometimes found as shallow water as a meter or two, but the normal depth range is quoted to be 10-100 meters. It feeds on Eucratea loricata bryozoans which are often fond on kelp.

Conspicuous papillae

The short, white papilla around the gills on the back of the slug are conspicuous, but the Palio dubia may nevertheless be confused with its similar cousin Palio nothus - the latter is however smaller and normally more blotchy in colour.

The rhinophores (head tentacles) on both species are lamellate, and the banded polycera grows to about 30 mm while the Palio nothus reaches just 20 mm.

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