Pink River Dolphins

In the Amazon, they have something out of the ordinary: Pink river dolphins, called boto. I visited the Ariau Amazon Towers resort, and can now offer an exciting story with unique images.

Posted on Nov 4, 2010

The vast Amazon river is home to the pink river dolphin, one of the few freshwater cetaceans in the world - seen above in artwork at the Ariau Amazon Towers resort north of Manaus.

The boto, Inia geoffrensis, is one of the world's most endangered cetacean species, and catching a photo of one underwater is a rare treat.

Now you have the chance to share a unique story and images of this illusive creature with your readers - most likely something they have never seen before.

The Ariau Amazon Towers resort was built under the inspiration of famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, who visited the area on one of his expeditions.

Tough challenge

Photographing the botos is very difficult because of the extreme conditions in Rio Negro. The water is coffee-colored and offers visibility so bad I could not see my hands or the camera when stretching my arms out.

The story also includes exciting imagery from the Ariau Towers eco resort and the surrounding area. It's easy to turn this into a very eye-catching feature.

According to legend, the boto transforms into a man at night, and lures young women down to the river and impregnate them.

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Apparently, there are quite a few people in the area who have 'boto' listed as their father on their birth certificates...

Get this story for your magazine!

These and other facts about the boto is all included in the 1.300 word story, which is delivered with high-re, print-ready images.

Please share this unusual story with your readers! I'm pretty sure they will find it both educational and entertaining - and definitely a little outside the box.

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