Nudibranch literature and online resources

Here is a list of the books I use for identifying and learning more about nudibranchs. Some of them are unfortunately very hard to come by - but used book sellers might offer a copy from time to time.

Posted on Jan 10, 2012 - updated Apr 28, 2015

Svenska Nakensnäckor
This new book my marine biologists Klas Malmberg and Kennet Lundin is a treasure trove of information about the nudibranchs in Swedish waters. With easy to understand descriptions, splendid underwater images and swedish common names for all species. In Swedish, 128 pages, hardcover.

» Waterglobe Productions 2015, ISBN 978-91-98034-7-4

Guide to Bryozoans and Hydroids of Britain and Ireland
When trying to learn more about nudibranchs, you will soon find that knowing more about their food makes things a lot easier with certain species and families. This book by Dr. Joanne Porter contains detailed descriptions, photos and line drawings of over 120 species of hydroids and bryozoans. 143 pages, softcover.

» Marine Conservation Society 2012, ISBN 978-0-948150-56-2

Nudibranch Behaviour
While most other nudibranch books focus mainly on species identification, this book by David W. Behrens shows a different world of nudibranchs by describing senses and respiration, locomotion, feeding, reproduction, defenses, color, camouflage and mimicry. A must-read for nudibranch aficionados! 176 pages, hardcover.

» New World Publications 2005, ISBN 1-878348-41-8

Nudibranchs Encyclopedia
Neville Coleman has produced one of the most comprehensive books on the subject ever, covering the Asian and Indo-Pacific species. With over 3.000 brilliant images many rare and newly discovered species are included, and the book is a true feast for the eyes. I am lucky enough to own a copy signed by the author! 416 pages, hardcover.

» Neville Coleman 2008, ISBN 978-0-947325-41-1

Sea Slugs of the Algarve
Joao Pedro Silva and Gonçales Calado's book covering the 150 species of sea slugs found off the Portuguese mainland is a great field guide, printed on waterproof plastic sheets. The book contains two identifications guides based on color and rhinophores. A must-have if you're visiting this part of the world! 160 pages, ring binder.

» Subnauta Publishing 2012, ISBN 978-989-96406-2-7

Opisthobranch Molluscs of the Seas of Russia
Alexander Martynov (author) and Tatiana Korshunova (photographer) have produced a beautiful and very comprehensive book about nudibranchs in the north-west of Russia. Personally, I don't understand a word since it's all in Russian, but for those who do this book is a must-have. Mine is signed by the photographer! 229 pages, hardcover.

» Fiton+ 2011, ISBN 978-5-93457-358-5

Nudibranchs of the World
This huge book written by Helmut Debelius and Rudie H. Kuiter may not be your ideal travel companion, but as the title suggests it is extremely comprehensive. It covers almost 1.200 species from all over the world, illustrated by over 2.500 photographs by the authors and many other contributors. 360 pages, hardcover.

» IKAN Unterwasserarchiv 2007, ISBN 978-3-939767-06-0

North Atlantic Nudibranchs seen by Henning Lemche
Written by Hanne Just and Malcolm Edmunds, this book covers the north Atlantic nudibranchs with the addition of some Mediterranean and north Pacific species - richly illustrated with danish zoologist Henning Lemche's beautiful paintings. 170 pages, softcover.

» Ophelia Publications 1985, ISBN 87-981066-1-9

Biology of Opisthobranch Molluscs
Written by T. E. Thompson and G. H. Brown, this is probably the most comprehensive book covering the north Atlantic nudibranch species. With accurate drawings, this book delves deeper into the biology of nudibranchs than almost any other. 227 pages, hardcover.

» The Ray Society 1984, ISBN 0-903874-18-0

A Field Guide to the Nudibranchs of the British Isles
Rightly deemed as one of the best books on nudibranchs in the north Atlantic area, this book by Bernard E. Picton and Christine C. Morrow is virtually impossible to come by. Thanks to the author I was recently able to get my hands on a copy, making my collection of nudibranchs books almost complete. Thanks Bernard! 143 pages, softcover.

» Immel Publishing 1994, ISBN 1-898162-05-0

Opisthobranchs Illustrated
I don't understand Japanese, but Atsushi Ono and Masakazu Kato's brilliant book is still a treat for the eyes. It covers nudibranchs, sacoglossans, anaspideans and cephalospideans in Japanese waters. This book was given to me as a gift by Miho Tsuruoka, who attended the Nudibranch Safari in 2013. Thanks Miho! 272 pages, softcover.

» Seibundo Shinkosha Publishing 2009, ISBN 978-4-416-80900-6

Written by Dr. T. E. Thompson, this book explains identification techniques, collection and preservation methods and also tells the evolutionary history of nudibranchs. This little gem is so hard to come by that I could only find one single picture of it on the internet - but I got lucky at a used book store! 96 pages, paperback.

» T. F. H. Publications Inc. 1976, ISBN 0-876664-59-1

What on Earth is a Nudibranch?
This small book by Jenny Tesar gives an elementary overview of what nudibranchs are, how they feed and so on. While not the greatest tool for identification or biology, it still is useful as an introduction for those not familiar with nudibranchs. 32 pages, hardcover.

» Blackbirch Press 1995, ISBN 0-732958-18-0

Below you'll find other books not about nudibranchs in particular, but containing nudibranch info as part of the general description of species.

Handbook of the Marina Fauna of North-West Europe
Not really a book meant for reading, this detailed guide to marine species by P. J. Hayward and J. S. Ryland is one of the most useful tools at hand: It contains identification keys to about 1.500 species, including 32 pages on sea slugs and nudibranchs. 800 pages, softcover.

» Oxford University Press 1995, ISBN 0-19-854055-8

Reef Creature Identification (Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas)
For divers and underwater photographers looking for nudibranchs in the Caribbean, this book by Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach provides invaluable help and assistance. It covers more than 50 species over almost 40 pages, is illustrated by in situ photographs and offers great identification tips. 420 pages, softcover.

» New World Publications 2002, ISBN 1-878348-31-0

Marine Fish & Invertebrates of Northern Europe
Affectionately known as "The Bible" among divers, this extremely comprehensive book by Frank Emil Moen and Erling Svensen also covers the most common nudibranch species. Illustrated with over 1.000 images, this book is a must-have. 608 pages, hardcover.

» Aquapress 2004, ISBN 978-0-954406-02-8

Marine Life of the Maldives
The ultimate guide to Maldivian marine life, this book by the almost notorious Neville Coleman offers 18 full pages on opisthobrancs, including bubble shells, sea slugs and nudibranchs. Great photos and interesting marine biology facts makes this a handy tool for identifying the most common species. 328 pages, hardcover.

» Atoll Editions 2000, ISBN 1-876410-36-1

Marine Life of the North Atlantic
Covering marine life on the eastern seaboard of the United States and Canada, this book by writer and photographer Andrew J. Martinez provides useful insight into the nudibranch sprecies present on both sides of the Atlantic - as well as a multitude of other animals. 304 pages, softcover.

» AquaQuest Publications 2003, ISBN 978-1-881652-35-9

Great British Marine Animals, 2nd Edition
This comprehensive guide to the British marine life by Paul Naylor contains around 20 pages on nudibranchs, illustrated by in situ photographs by the author. Apart from the nudibranch section, it covers pretty much every animal group found in the seas around Britain. 272 pages, softcover.

» Sound Diving Publications 2005, ISBN 0-952283-15-8

Photographic Guide to the Sea & Shore Life of Britain & North-west Europe
This book by Ray Gibson, Benedict Hextall and Alex Rogers covers the majority of marine species found on diveable depths around the British isles, and also contains 18 pages about the most common nudibranch species. Illustrated by line drawings and photographs by Benedict Hextall and others. 436 pages, softcover.

» Oxford University Press 2001, ISBN 978-0-19-850709-3

Red Sea Reef Guide
Helmut Debelius' comprehensive guide to the marine live found on the reefs of the Red Sea is a must for any diver visiting the area. Nudibranch lovers will find 19 pages covering the most common species, and it is a handy tool for identification. Richly illustrated by in situ photographs by the author. 321 pages, hardcover.

» DIVE Intl. Publishing 2000, ISBN 0-953891-90-9

Indian Ocean Reef Guide
Helmut Debelius did not focus on nudibranchs in particular when putting together this otherwise excellent guide to the marine invertebrates of the Indian Ocean, but there are nevertheless seven pages about our favourite molluscs in this handbook. If you can only bring one book, this would be your choice. 321 pages, hardcover.

» IKAN Unterwasserarchiv 2001, ISBN 3-931702-67-7

In addition to the above mentioned books, I use a number of online resources to research, identify and learn more about nudibranchs. Over the last couple of years several groups and communities have surfaced on Facebook as well, offering useful help and information.

» Nudibranchs of the British Isles
» Mediterranean Slug Site
» The Slug Site
» Scottish Nudibranchs
» The Okinawa Slug Site
» Southwest Indian Ocean Seaslug Site
» Philippine Islands Sea-Slugs
» NudiBase
» Nudibranchs of Australia and Indo-Pacific
» Bibliographica Nudibranchia

» NE Atlantic Nudibranchs
» Nudibranch Lovers
» EPAM Nudibranchs
» Nudibase

If you're interested in nudibranchs, coming to the annual Nudibranch Safari which I host at Gulen Dive Resort is definitely something you should consider!

» Click here to read more about the Nudibranch Safari

I hope this list will be of value to those seeking more information about nudibranchs. If you have tips for books or online resources not on this list, feel free to get in touch with me!

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