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If you need images for scientific use, the search list below may be of help. It is a more complete version of the categories and subcategories found under the other tabs and is sorted by scientific phylums, classes and orders.

Class Scyphozoa - Jellyfish
Class Anthozoa - Corals
Subclass Hexacorallia - Stony Corals, Cup Corals
Order Actiniaria - Anemones
Class Hydrozoa - Hydroids

Class Bivalvia - Clams
Class Gastropoda - Snails, Nudibranchs
Class Cephalopoda - Squid & Octopi

Class Crustacea - Crustaceans
Infraorder Anomura - Crabs and squat lobsters
Infraorder Astacidea - Lobsters and crayfish
Infraorder Caridea - Shrimps and prawns
Order Euphausiacea - Krill
Order Isopoda - Isopods
Order Mysidacea - Mysid shrimp
Order Stomatopoda - Manthis shrimp

Class Asteroidea - Starfish
Class Echinoidea - Sea Urchins
Class Crinoidea - Feather Stars
Class Ophiuroidea - Brittle Stars
Class Holothuroidea - Sea Cucumbers

Class Chondrichthyes - Sharks & Rays
Class Holocephali - Chimaera, Ratfish
Class Osteichthyes - Bony fishes
Order Anguilliformes - Morays and Eels
Family Anguillidae - Eels
Family Congridae - Conger and Garden Eels
Family Muraenidae - Moray Eels
Family Ophichthidae - Snake Eels
Order Salmoniformes - Salmon and trout
Order Aulopiformes - Herring and Sardines
Order Gadiformes - Codfishes
Order Lophiiformes - Anglerfishes
Family Antennariidae - Frogfishes
Family Lophiidae - Goosefishes
Order Beloniformes
Order Beryciformes
Order Syngnathiformes - Seahorses and Pipefish
Family Aulostomidae - Trumpetfishes
Family Centriscidae - Snipefishes and Shrimpfishes
Family Fistulariidae - Cornetfishes
Family Solenostomidae - Ghost Pipefishes
Family Syngnathidae - Pipefishes and Seahorses
Order Scorpaeniformes - Sculpins, Lumpfishes
Order Perciformes
Suborder Percoidei - Jacks, Snappers
Family Pomacentridae - Damselfish
Family Tripterygiidae - Triplefin Blennies
Family Pomacentridae - Damselfish
Suborder Labroidei - Wrasse, Parrotfish
Suborder Zoarcoidei - Eelpouts, Gunnels and Wolffishes
Suborder Trachinoidei - Weaver fish, Stargazers
Suborder Blennioidei - Blennies, Triplefins
Suborder Gobiesocoidei - Clingfishes
Suborder Callionymoidei - Dragonets
Suborder Gobioidei - Gobies
Suborder Mugiloidei - Mullets
Suborder Scombroidei - Mackerels
Order Pleuronectiformes - Righteye and Lefteye Flounders

Class Mammalia - Mammals
Class Reptilia - Reptiles
Order Testudines - Tortoises and Turtles
Family Cheloniidae - Sea Turtles
Family Dermochelyidae - Leatherback Turtles
Order Squamata - Scaled Reptiles
Family Iguanidae - Iguanas
Class Aves - Birds - Birds

The list is compiled according to the taxonomic system as accepted by the MARBEF Database. The taxonomy may or may not differ from taxonomic trees found elsewhere.
Search by entering keywords in the search field on top of the page, or by using the shortcuts found in these tabs. The keywords will remain in the search field making it easy to add more keywords to refine your search.

The images are tagged with an extensive array of searchable keywords, aiming to describe the content. Phylum, class, order and species names (where applicable) in Latin, English and Norwegian can be used. Also check out the list of shortcuts under the Systematic Search List tab.

The images are also tagged with location, behaviour (e.g. mating, reproduction, feeding etc.), wreck names, wether or not the image shows divers and other relevant keywords. Even the names of divers may be searchable!

Combining several keywords will give you a more accurate output from the database. For instance, the database contains many diving and travel related images taken above water. If you want to search these, simply add 'topside' to your search criteria.

The image names have been linked to make it easier to find more images of the same kind: Click the name below the thumbnail in the search results or even on the image page, and you'll get to see all images with the same words in the image name - e.g. all images of one particular species.

I went on a liveaboard cruise among the islands of Croatia and was thoroughly impressed with what the Adriatic Sea had to offer - both below and above the surface.
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