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I am steadily adding more images to the ScubaPixel database. You will find both underwater and topside imagery. If you want to stay up-to-date, this is the page where I post the most significant updates.

Posted on Apr 13, 2010

As always, you can search for images using a multitude of different tags and search criteria in the Image Search. This is the best way to find what you're looking for!

This page shows some of the more significant updates to the database. Please don't hesitate go get in touch if you need images for an article or otherwise!

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Reptiles on Scubapixel

When you think about marine life, reptiles probably aren't the first thing that comes to mind. But turtles, crocodiles, snakes and lizards all take to the sea - and images of some of them can be found here.

Freshwater images on Scubapixel

Divers spend most of their time in the ocean, but sometimes lakes and rivers can offer equally good or even better diving. How about an old tugboat, a flooded forest or some pink river dolphins?

New images from Gozo

I'm catching up on the backlog of images that needs to be edited and prepared for the ScubaPixel database, and tonight I did a bunch of images from my wonderful trip to Gozo in July 2012.

Images from Croatia

The Scubapixel database has been updated with almost 70 images from Croatia. The Adriatic Sea offers surprisingly good diving, with vividly colored gorgonians and interesting marine life.

Images from Sveggvika

The Scubapixel database has been updated with 60+ images, many of the from a trip to Sveggvika Dive Resort in August 2012. The area offers great diving - have a look here!

Images of S/S Dølen

The wreck of the 65 ft. tugboat S/S Dølen at the outlet of Norway's biggest lake Mjøsa is a beautiful freshwater experience. Several new images have been added to the database.

Reproduction images on Scubapixel

Spring is the time for breeding, mating and reproduction. Our northern seas comes to life for a few hectic summer months, and hormones rule both depths and shallows alike.

More nudibranch images added

After the Nudibranch Safari at Gulen Dive Resort in March 2012, I have plenty of new nudibranch images. Over the last few days I have added 50+ new images to the database.

Echinoderms on Scubapixel

Echinoderms are a strange breed of animals. Their bodies show a five-sided symmetry, and they rely on a unique system of tube feet and fluid-filled canals for locomotion. Check out the images!

Spice it up with topside images!

Divers are travelling like never before, and magazines are filled to the brim with underwater images that convey the feeling of 'being there'. But sometimes it's the topside images that add the extra spice!

Images from Curaçao

I have updated the database with 70+ land and underwater images from the island of Curaçao in the Caribbean - shot on different locations during the Curaçao Dive Festival in 2008.

Images from Gullmarn, Sweden

Diving in muddy conditions is perhaps not what most divers crave, but it gives an interesting angle on marine life - and some unique images. Check out the latest from Gullmarn on the Swedish west coast!

More images from Lygnstøylsvatnet

Is it still possible to be creative when visiting a divesite for the umphteenth time? I have added more images from my seventh trip to lake Lygnstøylsvatnet to the ScubaPixel database.

Images from Malta and Gozo

I have now added 110+ images from my trip to Malta and Gozo last year to the ScubaPixel database. Feel free to enjoy spectacular wrecks and caves, colorful macro life and topside images.

Underwater Recycling

At Gulen Dive Resort, visiting divers can help maintain a healthy house reef by throwing trash in the underwater recycling bins. And believe me, it's become popular!

800 year old log boat

In 2009 I got the unique opportunity to dive on the wreck of an over 800 year old log boat, days before it was salvaged for conservation. Check out the images in the ScubaPixel database.

Clownfish on Scubapixel

Clownfish of anemonefish are one funny breed of fish. Well known from the animated movie "Finding Nemo", they continue to attract the attention of divers and non-divers alike.

Images from the Philippines

I have added more images to the database - this time from a trip to the Philippines in 2008. The images are from Malapascua and Alona Beach, Panglao.

Images from Cape Verde

The database is now updated with over 120 images from the Cape Verde islands, including some stunning cave images, macro life and some topside turtle conservation images.

Images from Vesterålen

Vesterålen in the northern part of Norway offers stunning nature and great diving opportunities. The database is now updated with images from this area.

Images of Clione limacina

The Clione limacina, known as Sea Angel, is surely one of the most beautiful creatures found in the oceans. The ScubaPixel database contains 12 images of this illusive creature.

New images from Lygnstøylsvatnet

Lake Lygnstøylsvatnet came into existence in 1908 after a big landslide closed off the river Lygna and flooded the valley - and a unique divesite was born. Check out my new images!

Easter images from Gulen

My easter trip 2009 went to Gulen Dive Resort on the Norwegian west coast. There were lots of nudibranchs to be found along with lots of other small stuff. Check out the images!

Images from Genova Aquarium

In January 2009 I got a chance to visit the Genova Aquarium, and I have added some images from this visit to the database. Check out my images of the very cool jellyfish tanks!

Images from Hitra, Norway

Hitra on the Norwegian west coast is known as one of the best diving destinations in Norway, and offers great kelp forests, wrecks and an incredible diversity of marine life. Check out the images!

More images from Saudi Arabia

I have added more images from my two trips to the Farasan Banks in Saudi Arabia. The database now contains over 240 images from this pristine and rarely dived destination.

Kamchatka crab images

I have added some images of the great kamchatka crab Paralithodes camtschatica to the database. Dare to go eye-to-eye with this giant russian predator here on ScubaPixel!

Images from Remøy and Runde

The ScubaPixel database now holds 30 new images from a trip to the islands of Remøy and Runde, south of Ålesund on the Norwegian west coast. Enjoy kelp forests and colorful macro life!

Images of Palio dubia

More images of the rare Palio dubia nudibranch has been added to the image database, making the nudibranch selection even more complete and bringing the total number of images over 300.

More periphylla images added

Today, I have added 17 new images of the deep-sea jellyfish Periphylla periphylla - also known as the Alien of the Deep - to the image database. Enjoy this rare creature from the abyss!

40 images from Myken

Today, I have added 40 new images from the island of Myken, just above the arctic circle on the northern coast of Norway. The area surrounding the islands is a pristine playground for divers.

Cave images on ScubaPixel

Caves and caverns are among the most exciting places divers can explore. The beautiful light in the openings make this a very special experience - and now you can share the feeling in the ScubaPixel database.

Manatee images added

I have added more manatee images to the database, which now counts 25 images of these cute, cuddly seacows. The images are from Crystal River, Florida and were shot on a trip in 2006.

Reefs & Scenery images on Scubapixel

To make it easier to search for images on ScubaPixel, I have added several search shortcuts under the Images tab on top of the page. Please take a look and discover lots of great new images!

Images from the Maldives

I have added a few images from the Maldives to the ScubaPixel database. Not many - they are some of my first underwater images, shot with an Olympus C5050-Z compact camera.

Image Search:
Manatees are some of the sweetest sea creatures you'll ever find. In Crystal Springs they are everywhere, and happily approach you as soon as you get into the water - they want to be scratched on their bellies! READ MORE

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Today, I have added 40 new images from the island of Myken, just above the arctic circle on the northern coast of Norway. The area surrounding the islands is a pristine playground for divers. READ MORE
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Manatees - Cuddly Seacows

Manatees are some of the sweetest sea creatures you'll ever find. In Crystal Springs they are...

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With spectacular wrecks and almost unreal visibility, Malta offers some of the best diving in the Mediterranean. We visited some of the most well-known wrecks at this classic dive destination.
Do you love nudibranchs and want to learn more about them? Then the Nudibranch Safari is just what you've been looking for! Join the nudibranch experts at Gulen Dive Resort in Norway.
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