Black as Night

Some of the most striking underwater images are those with a completely black background. They make the subject stand out, letting the brilliant colors and shapes play the main role instead of fading into the background.

Posted on May 3, 2014

Achieving perfectly black backtrounds may seem like magic to the novice underwater photographer, but once you learn the secret of how to make them it can actually be a breeze.

Share this 1.500 word story with your readers today and help them learn how to portray the underwater world in this fascinating way.

Black backgrounds make the subject stand out and creates a stunning effect. And once you learn how, it's not very hard to do it!

F-stops, shutter speed and water

Apart from knowing how to tweak the shutter speed and F-stop to your advantage, black backgrounds can be easily achieved when using the water as a backdrop.

When there is nothing behind your subject but water, a silky smooth black background will often appear all by itself. Going for a nightdive will make this even easier...

There are also several features in Photoshop that will help you put the finishing touches on your image, and this is also covered in this story.

Using black as a feature in your images isn't limited to macro subjects: By simply turning off the strobes you can get some stunning wide angle shots too.

Get this story for your magazine!

This 1.500 word story comes complete with a selection of images with black backgrounds - both macro and wide angle.

Your readers will appreciate getting tips and ideas about how to improve their underwater images - and who knows, maybe some of them will provide you with some cool images for a future issue?

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