Stars of the Ocean

They have up to 40.000 hydraulic tube feet, and are able to regenerate lost limbs. These are just two of the remarkable traits of some of the most adaptable inhabitants of the sea - the starfish.

Posted on Feb 7, 2012

The starfish belong to an animal group called echinoderms, which literally mens "spiny skin".

They rely on a water-filled system of channels called a water vascular system for locomotion and feeding - not muscles like the rest of us.

Starfish produce up to 2,5 million eggs which turn into pelagic larvae, but some species even display fierce juvenile care.

With around 1.800 species worldwide the starfish thrive in all kinds of habitats no matter how silty, current-ridden, cold or deep - they are found everywhere your readers dive.

This easy-to-understand, educational short story provides basic information about one of the most peculiar animals in the sea - the starfish.

Starfish lead a life in slow-motion - but there is a lot more going on that meets the eye. The fascinating story Stars of the Ocean will give your readers a glimpse into their secret world.

Complemented by 50+ great images from around the world, this story is also a feast for the eyes and will sit well with your marine biology interested readers.

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The story counts approximately 900 words and is ready for publication with high-res images of your choice. Please click below if you're interested in the full story!

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