Nudibranch Safari 2016

Join the Nudibranch Safari!

Do you love nudibranchs and want to learn more about them? Then the Nudibranch Safari is just what you've been looking for! Join the nudibranch experts at Gulen Dive Resort in Norway.

Posted on Apr 2, 2015 - updated Mar 9, 2016

The Nudibranch Safari 2016 is held at Gulen Dive Resort north of Bergen on the Norwegian west coast. The event is divided into two different workshops depending on your level of knowledge and interests:

      • Basic Level Nudibranch Workshop: March 31 - April 4, 2016   
        Lectures by Bernard Picton, Klas Malmberg and Christian Skauge

      • Advanced Level Nudibranch Workshop: April 4 - 8, 2016   
        Lectures by Bernard Picton, Jussi Evertsen, Torkild Bakken and Alexander Martynov

Both workshops offers two lectures a day, four diving opportunities (one local boat dive) and plenty of time for identifying nudibranchs and learn more in the workshop area.

Entry Level

Basic Level Nudibranch Workshop - Fri March 31 to Mon April 4, 2016:

• Day 1 (30/3/16):
  Arrival at Gulen Dive Resort, welcome meeting
• Day 2 1/4/16):
  House reef dives, local boat dives, nudibranch lectures, workshop
• Day 3 (2/4/16):
  House reef dives, local boat dives, nudibranch lectures, workshop
• Day 4 (3/4/16):
  House reef dives, local boat dives, nudibranch lectures, workshop
• Day 5 (4/4/16):
  Departure from Gulen Dive Resort

Two lectures a day by Bernard Picton, Klas Malmberg and Christian Skauge. No prior nudibranch knowledge is required - you will learn the basics at this workshop!

Advanced Level

Advanced Level Nudibranch Workshop - Mon April 4 to Fri April 8, 2016:

• Day 1 (4/4/16):
  Arrival at Gulen Dive Resort, welcome meeting
• Day 2 (5/4/16):
  House reef dives, local boat dives, nudibranch lectures, workshop
• Day 3 (6/4/16):
  House reef dives, local boat dives, nudibranch lectures, workshop
• Day 4 (7/4/16):
  House reef dives, local boat dives, nudibranch lectures, workshop
• Day 5 (8/4/16):
  Departure from Gulen Dive Resort

Two lectures a day by Bernard Picton, Alexander Martynov, Jussi Evertsen and Torkild Bakken. Some prior nudibranch knowledge is recommended.


The package includes:

• 4 nights in shared twin rooms at Gulen Dive Resort
• Four diving opportunities a day
• Local boat dives once a day
• Nudibranch lectures
• Workshop equipment, stereoscope, magnifiers, literature
• Tanks, weights and air for all dives
• Wood fired hot tub one night

The package does NOT include:

• Flights/transfer/travel costs, dive equipment or nitrox
• Food (self-catering)
• Bedsheets (must be brought or rented)

Please note that airport transfer is only available on specific dates. Read more about transfer and other details in the Nudibranch Safari FAQs.


Booking through Gulen Dive Resort who are responsible for the accommodation, facilities and diving. All dives are offered weather permitting.

Please note that the Nudibranch Symposium is aimed at researchers, biologists and scientists working with nudibranchs. Regular divers/underwater photographers are welcome, but there is no lectures planned for this part of the Nudibranch Safari.

If you have questions, please read the diving requirements and safety procedures or get in touch with us. When booking please be advised that you accept the terms and conditions set forth by Gulen Dive Resort.

Each workshop starts with a welcome meeting in the evening on the arrival day, and the last day is departure day. That leaves three full days of diving and nudibranch workshop fun!

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To find ut more about the Nudibranch Safari, please read on. The nitty-gritty details of booking, transfer etc. can be found in the Nudibranch Safari FAQs:

» Click here to read the Nudibranch Safari FAQs

The Nudibranch Safari 2016 experts

The Nudibranch Safari will be hosted by a unique line-up of top experts who will be on site to share their knowledge with the participants:

Nudibranch expert Bernard Picton, author of A Field Guide to the Nudibranchs of the British Isles is present at the entire Nudibranch Safari, and will be giving lectures at the Basic Level workshop together with Swedish marine biologist Klas Malmberg, co-author of the recently published Svenska Nackensnäckor.

At the advanced level workshop they are joined by Norwegian marine biologists Dr. Jussi Evertsen and Dr. Torkild Bakken and Russian nudibranch expert Dr. Alexander Martynov, which also will be giving lectures.

Participants studying some of the collected material at the Nudibranch Safari.

Nudibranch diving

The dives on the Nudibranch Safari will be made on different spots the house reef of Gulen Dive Resort and in the surrounding area (local boat dives are included).

So far we have found a staggering 73 different species of nudibranchs on the house reef, and every year we find something new and exciting. The nudibranch experts will be at hand to assist in identifying what we find and update the species list.

Nudibranch litterature, stereo magnifiers, magnifying glasses for diving and other equipment for collection, closer study and identification will be available. A more detailed workshop program will be made available closer to the events.

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So far, 63+ nudibranch species has been identified on the Nudibranch Safaris. We have found species new to Norway every year, and you could be the lucky discoverer of the next one!

Citizen science

At the Nudibranch Safari, the participants help in the ongoing work to find and identify new species. To date, we have found a handful of species new to Norway - and two species new to science. These are currently being described by the scientists and will be published later this year.

By taking part you will not only learn a great deal about nudibranchs and their behavior, but you will also make a contribution to science. Perhaps YOU will be the one who finds a new species next year? You never know - but we find something new and exciting every year.

Have a look at the highlights found below the Nudibranch Safari species list and you will get an idea.

Stereo magnifiers, litterature and other tools for closer study of nudibranchs will be at hand at the Nudibranch Safari.

This is nothing short of a scientific sensation, and YOU could be the one finding a new species! Don't miss this excellent opportunity to experience the plethora of nudibranchs found at Gulen, up close and personal.

» Click here for the Nudibranch Safari FAQs

Both Nudibranch Safaris were sold out last year, so booking early is a good idea. We can promise you a fun and exciting time - come join us!

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