NE Atlantic Nudibranch Symposium

For the first time, nudibranch experts and researchers have an opportunity to meet and talk only about nudibranchs! This unique workshop takes place at Gulen Dive Resort in Norway in March 2014.

Posted on Nov 30, 2013

Are you looking for a venue to discuss scientific matters with colleagues and peers from across Europe? Join the NE Atlantic Nudibranch Symposium at Gulen Dive Resort.

The idea is to create an academic environment where the participants can exchange views and experiences. The scientific value is indisputable - you'll meet some of the world's leading experts.

At the Nudibranch Symposium you will be able to discuss matters regarding research, taxonomy, identification, biology, morphology, DNA barcoding - in short, whatever you feel a need to talk about.

One of the most exciting finds made at the Nudibranch Safari is the extremely rare Berghia norvegiva. So far, the house reef of the Gulen Dive Resort is the only place in the world where this species can be seen in situ.

Calling all nudibranch experts

I hereby invite everyone who work with nudibranchs scientifically to come to Gulen Dive Resort on the Norwegian west coast for a NE Atlantic Nudibranch Symposium in March 2014.

At this point, the Nudibranch Symposium does not have a fixed schedule. The science and knowledge will be way over mye head, and I don't have any experts to tell the experts how things are.

I therefore invite the participants themselves to give talks or lectures, and decide among themselves what they want to discuss. It's your workshop - make the most of it!

The house reef of Gulen Dive Resort is home to a staggering 63 nudibranch species - about 70% of all species found in Norway. You will have the chance to study rare species like Lophodoris danielsseni, Hero formosa and Berghia norvegica both in situ and in your petri dish.


These nudibranch experts will be attending the Nudibranch Symposium. Further participants will be disclosed to the others as soon as new names come in, giving everyone a chance to adjust to the expertise at hand.

Also speaking at the regular Nudibranch Safari, Bernard Picton, Jussi Evertsen, Torkild Bakken, Alexander Martynov and Tanya Korshunova will all attend the NE Atlantic Nudibranch Symposium.

I have written a short presentation of each of the experts, since they are also at Gulen Dive Resort to give lectures at the regular Nudibranch Safari.

A high-quality HD projector for images, presentations and video will be at hand, and there is plenty of space to do field work. We will do our best to acommodate everyone's whishes.

Excellent nudibranch diving is included - but not necessary

There will be plenty of opportunities to dive on the house reef to collect nudibranchs, but non-diving participants are also welcome.

There will be at least two divers standing by almost at all times to collect whatever the experts feel they want to have a closer look at!

The rare species Eubranchus rupium photographed in the petri dish. There will be stereo magnifiers at hand for closer studies.

The house reef at Gulen Dive Resort is home to a staggering 63 different nudibranch species - about 70% of all species found in Norway. Over the last few years we have found no less than 5 species new to Norway here!

The house reef offeres several different habitats and is a virtual nudibranch heaven. Rare species like Janolus hyalinus, Hero formosa, Cumanotus beaumonti, Onchidoris oblonga and Eubranchus rupium are just some of the things you're likely to see.

Why a Nudibranch Symposium?

During my years of working with the Nudibranch Safari, I have become aquainted with several of Europe's leading opisthobranch and nudibranch experts.

But one thing strikes me: They don't seem to have a venue for meeting and discussing their research. That's why I wanted to create the Nudibranch Symposium.

There will be plenty of opportunities for closer scrutiny of the collected specimens - among interesting talks and discussions about any and all aspects of nudibranchs.

Join the Nudibranch Symposium!

The NE Atlantic Nudibranch Symposium 2014 takes place at Gulen Dive Resort north of Bergen on the Norwegian west coast from March 15.-19. 2014. Information about how to get to Gulen can be found in the Nudibranch Safari FAQs.

The NE Atlantic Nudibranch Symposium includes four nights in shared twin rooms (bedsheets included) and free diving on the house reef. Bring your own gear or rent at the resort. Self-catering (food not included), transfer and airfare not included.      Price: NOK 9.870,-

If you would like to meet your peers and discuss nudibranchs on a high academic level, joining the Nudibranch Symposium is an absolute must!

» Click here to book the NE Atlantic Nudibranch Symposium


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