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Divers spend most of their time in the ocean, but sometimes lakes and rivers can offer equally good or even better diving. How about an old tugboat, a flooded forest or some pink river dolphins?

Posted on Sep 26, 2013

Some of my most spectacular freshwater dives I have made in lake Lygnstøylsvatnet on the Norwegian west coast.

This 400 meter long lake came into being after a rockslide in 1908, and the rising water flooded the valley complete with a forest, dairy hut remains, stone fences and an old road.

Lake Lygnstøylsvatnet on the Norwegian west coast is a truly unique divesite, famous for the dairy hut remains, stone fences, an old road and even a flooded forest.

Fresh water also offers interesting and often very different life. Crustaceans and fish are often similar to what you find in the ocean, but in addition there are insects and amphibians.

You can find big animals in fresh water too, like cuddly manatees in Florida or almost unreal-looking pink dolphins in the Amazon river.

Crayfish and other crustaceans are found in fresh water as well as in the ocean - but fresh water also offers unusual insect life, amphibians and (in some parts of the world) reptiles. Manatees and pink river dolphins certainly peak my interest too!

Some lakes and rivers even boasts great wreckdiving, and the wrecks are never overgrown with coral or destoyed by shipworm.

The wreck of the old tugboat S/S Dølen lies in the river Vorma, close to the mouth of Norway's greates lake Mjøsa. It offers a spectacular and unsual dive.

Fresh water can certainly peak any diver's interest, so grab your gear and throw yourself into your nearest lake or river and see what you can find!

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